Apply for a degree certificate at the Academy of Fine Arts

Guidelines for applying for a degree certificate and receiving the degree certificate at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Apply for the degree certificate with an online form

Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

When applying for a bachelor’s degree certificate, first answer the national Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey at After answering, you will be directed to the bachelor’s degree certificate application. If you are not able to answer the survey, please contact

Answering the Bachelor’s Graduate Survey takes 15 to 20 minutes. The results of the survey will be used to develop the education at the university. The Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is a part of the universities’ funding model: The results and response rate affect the amount of total funding the university receives, so the responses are valuable in this way, too. The University of the Arts cannot connect given answers to individual students. 

The deadline for applying for a degree certificate during the spring term is 26 May 2023.

Master’s and Doctoral Degree Certificate

The deadline for applying for a degree certificate during the spring term is 26 May 2023.

Application deadlines and dates for issuing certificates

Collecting the degree certificate and the graduation ceremony

You can receive your degree certificate in a graduation ceremony, which is held once every academic term: in June and in December. You can participate in the graduation ceremony even if you have already received your certificate earlier during the ongoing academic term.   

Graduates who have completed their degree during the 2023 spring term will be celebrated in a graduation ceremony on 8 June 2023. You can register for the graduation ceremony with the degree certificate application or by informing the Academic Affairs Office ( about your participation. More information about the event will be sent at a later date.  

If you do not intend to attend the graduation ceremony, you can pick up your degree certificate from the Academy of Fine Arts at some other time or receive it as a registered letter by post within about three weeks of your graduation. Mention how you would like to collect the degree certificate in the degree certificate application.