Checklist for graduates

A checklist of things to do and consider before and after you graduate.

Make sure you have completed all studies required for your degree

Your personal study plan (PSP) presents the schedule that you plan to follow when completing studies for your degree before your intended date for graduation. When you are closing in on your graduation, find out the graduation dates of your academy and the deadline for applying for a degree certificate. All studies that you need to include in your degree must be completed by the date when you submit your degree certificate application.  

Before you anticipate graduating, check that you have completed all studies included in your PSP. You can monitor your academic progress in the PSP saved in the Peppi for Students system or from your list of completed studies (My studies-> Completed studies). You can also monitor your credits in the Tuudo system (Studies-> Completed studies).  

If you want someone else to check the status of your studies, you can contact the planning officer of your department, degree programme or subject area.  

Check the graduation schedule and register for the graduation ceremony

 You can apply for a degree certificate when: 

  • your thesis project has been approved  
  • you have taken the maturity test  
  • you have completed all studies required for your degree  

If you are unsure of whether you have completed all of the studies required for your degree, contact the academic affairs staff of your academy or the planning officer of your subject. 

Depending on the language that you have used for completing your degree, you will receive your degree certificate and transcript of records either in Finnish or Swedish. You will also receive an English translation of both documents.  

If you graduate from an English-language programme or if you have completed your degree in English, you will also receive an original English-language degree certificate and an English-language transcript of records.   

Each student is also given an English-language Diploma Supplement as an appendix to their degree certificate to be used in international contexts. The Diploma Supplement describes the content and level of your degree. It also includes information about the Finnish education system.  

Graduation and registration for the academic year

You must be registered as attending or non-attending during the academic term when your degree is conferred. You may register for non-attendance and still graduate only if you have completed all the studies required for your degree during the previous academic term.   

If you have submitted your thesis project for approval on the last day of the previous academic year at the latest and you have completed all other studies required for your degree (incl. the maturity essay), you may register for non-attendance and graduate as a non-attending student if you so choose. You do not have to register as an attending student to have your thesis project graded and approved. If you are liable to pay the annual tuition fee, you will not be charged a tuition fee during the academic term when you graduate.  
If you have registered for the academic term following the term of your graduation and do not have another right to complete a degree at Uniarts Helsinki, your registration will be cancelled by your home academy’s academic affairs personnel. You have right to get a refund of the student union membership fee that you have paid in accordance with the Student Union’s decisions. 

Apply for a degree certificate at the Academy of Fine Arts

 Apply for a degree certificate at the Sibelius Academy

Apply for a degree certificate at the Theatre Academy

Graduation and student financial aid from Kela

Do I receive financial aid for the month of my graduation?

If you receive student financial aid, remember that if you graduate before the 18th of the month, you will not be entitled to receive financial aid that month.  

How does graduation affect the financial aid income check?

In the income check, the income that you have received during the entire year (1 January – 31 December) is compared to the annual income limit.   

When Kela monitors student incomes, Kela checks the income data in the taxation data and the national incomes register. However, graduation cannot always be taken into account in the preliminary decision. In other words, you may receive a preliminary decision even if you have earned your income or part of your income at some other time than during your time as a student. In this case, it is a good idea to request a review from Kela and state when you were an active student and when you earned the income.  

Student loan compensation and student loan tax deduction

If you have begun studying for your first university degree on or after 1 August 2014 and you complete your degree within the target time, you may be eligible for a student loan compensation. The student loan compensation means that Kela pays back part of your student loan.   
Read about student loan compensation  

If you have begun studying for your first university degree before 1 August 2014 and you complete your degree within the target time, you may be eligible for a student loan tax deduction. As you make repayments on your loan to the bank, your taxes are reduced by the amount of the student loan tax deduction.   

Things to remember when graduating

Your right to access Uniarts Helsinki systems (uniarts email, Peppi for Students, Moodle, Tuudo etc.) and facilities will expire according to the following schedules:  

  • If you graduate during the spring term (1 January – 31 July), your access rights will expire on 30 September.  
  • If you graduate during the autumn term (1 August – 31 December), your access rights will expire on 28 February.  

The student account/student card on Tuudo is an exception to this rule, and it will stay valid only until your graduation day. 

After graduation, remember to

  • save important messages and files from your uniarts email and the university’s network drive  
  • empty your personal items from Uniarts Helsinki’s facilities (lockers, cabinets etc.)  
  • return your key tag to staff at the campus info desk   

Give feedback on your bachelor’s degree

Bachelor’s Graduate Survey

Finnish universities collect information with the Bachelor’s Graduate Survey, a national student feedback survey. The Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is part of Uniarts Helsinki’s quality system. Uniarts Helsinki makes use of the results from the survey to improve its policies and practices. Out of the basic funding allocated to universities, 3% is allocated on the basis of this student feedback. Bachelor’s students are asked to answer the survey after they graduate.