Thesis project templates and abstracts at the Theatre Academy

You can download the thesis project templates and read about related training opportunities on this page.

We recommend you save the written component of your master’s thesis project in the thesis project template provided by Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. You can also choose not to use the template for saving your work if you want to design the layout yourself. 

Use of the thesis project template in a word processing software

The thesis project template is meant to be used on the most commonly used word processing software. The university uses OpenOffice, and you can download the software free of charge on your computer. 

If you need more information about downloading the software, contact the university’s IT support:, tel. 0294 47 2200 

Guidance on how to use the thesis project template

We organise training sessions on Teams where we give guidance on how to use the thesis project template. Sign up for a session by 15:00 one day before the training by contacting our library staff member Maarit Heikkinen: 

Training session schedule

Autumn 2022

  • Tuesday 4 October at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 8 November at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 13 December at 17–18 

Spring 2023

  • Tuesday 17 January at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 14 February at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 7 March at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 4 April at 17–18 
  • Tuesday 25 April at 17–18 

Thesis project abstracts

Below you can find a thesis project abstract that you should include in your written thesis project if you have chosen not to use the thesis project template and want to use your own layout for the text. The first abstract template is for a thesis project in Finnish (PDF) and the second one is for a thesis project in English (DOC).  

Include a Finnish abstract in your thesis project if you write the thesis in English and also want to demonstrate your proficiency in Finnish as a first language.

You can download the logo on the Artsi intranet.