In­for­ma­tion about stu­dent hous­ing op­tions

Uniarts Helsinki doesn't offer student accommodation so you will have to make your own living arrangements.

Apply early

It is very important to start processing housing applications as soon as you are accepted. The student housing system is extremely congested in September and there will not be enough rooms available. 

We recommend you apply for apartments simultaneously through various channels, but make sure you remember to cancel the unnecessary applications after finding an apartment. When you are offered an apartment, do not wait for another offer if the apartment is close to what you are looking for. 

Finding an apartment is a lot easier if you are willing to live outside the city and campus areas. Remember that it is easy to travel around the Helsinki region: the public transport is ranked among the best in Europe.

Options for student housing

We recommend the following student housing possibilities:  

HOAS – the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki region

HOAS offers rooms in shared apartments and studios. HOAS has reserved a quota of shared, furnished apartments for exchange students. 

Sibelius Academy Student Housing Foundation, Clavis  

Clavis is a small residence for Sibelius Academy students only. Both degree students and exchange students can apply for a room in Clavis. 

Other websites for housing

  • Sherio (For renting a shared home and finding roommates)
  • Vuokraovi (Portal for rental apartments, mostly in Finnish) 
  • (Online marketplace, also housing advertisements. Mostly in Finnish) 
  • Forenom (furnished flats and rooms for short- and long-term needs.)
  • Devenir Homes (Fully furnished private rooms in shared apartments)
  • AnttiKorppi Student House (furnished rooms in shared apartments)
  • and Lumo (Finnish personal ID code and/or Finnish online banking credentials required when leaving an application)

Temporary accommodation

If you need temporary accommodation in the Helsinki area before getting permanent accommodation, there are several hostels available. Find a comprehensive list of hotels from A range of Airbnb accommodation is also available in Helsinki. 

Rent prices are high

The rental level is high (approx. 600–800€ for a studio apartment in Helsinki per month) and there is a shortage of student housing in the region. The rooms in the student housing system cost 300–550€ per month. Please do not assume that you will be able to find something cheaper upon arrival.

Please note that Uniarts Helsinki is not responsible for arranging your accommodation. However, we will do our best to help you in case you have difficulty in finding accommodation.