Sports for students

Information on sport possibilities available to students.


The University of the Arts Helsinki supports the well-being of attending degree and exchange students by subsidizing the use of UniSport’s services. UniSport offers exercise and much for all ages and fitness levels at the Kluuvi, Töölö, Kumpula, Meilahti and Otaniemi locations, as well as group training classes in Porthania. You can come to train just as you are – the most important thing at UniSport is a good vibe. 

At UniSport, everyone can find their own favourite way to move. UniSport offers well-equipped facilities for gym training, but also group training classes including e.g. yoga, fitness boxing, dance, bodycombat, body care and easy training classes. You can also join ball sports sessions or take part in different types of club activities, such as martial arts. In addition, UniSport offers other services such as massages, nutrition coaching, personal training as well as court and gym reservations. 

Students can purchase training cards until the 31st of July with a valid term sticker or certificate of attendance for the ongoing academic year. The autumn term training cards can be purhased with a valid  autumn term sticker or certificate of attendance, and spring term training cards can be purchased with a valid spring term sticker or certificate of attendance. The training card includes access to all UniSport gyms, group training classes, general ball sports sessions and the right to reserve a place in classes.  

Training card prices for attending degree and exchange students.

Find out more on the UniSport website!

Gym at the Theatre Academy

There’s a gym at TeaK, which is open for all Uniarts students. Address: Haapaniemenkatu 6. 

Physical exercise programme BREAK PRO for students and staff

The break exercise programme BREAK PRO is a tool designed by physiotherapists to provide breaks during the work, to improve the ergonomics and to increase wellbeing at work. It activates and gives the user reminders about breaks. The programme includes versatile physical exercises for the entire body, in accordance with the latest exercise recommendations. Pilates, ergonomics and mindfulness are also included in the exercises. The videos show the user how to take energizing exercise breaks at the times set by the user, which helps in preventing the harmful effects of working on a computer.

For more information on the BREAK PRO break exercise programme, go to the company’s website