Sports for students

Information on sport possibilities available to students.

UniSport – the students’ own sports centre

UniSport is the joint venture by Hanken, Uniarts Helsinki , the University of Helsinki and Aalto University that offers students affordable sports and wellness services for a wide range of needs – whether you want to channel your energy in the gym, challenge your friends to badminton or calm your mind with restorative hatha yoga.

UniSport sports centres are located in Kluuvi, Töölö, Meilahti, Kumpula and Otaniemi. The popular season card gives you access to all UniSport gyms, group exercise classes and ball games groups. Other services include massage, various exercise courses and personal training services.

UniSport is a workout place with a positive vibe, where everyone can come as they are. The most important thing is the freedom to move in your own way; casually, purposefully or something in between.

Try Unisport’s services right away – your first session is free of charge.

Gym at the Sörnäinen campus

There’s a gym at Kookos, which is open for all Uniarts Helsinki’s students. Address: Haapaniemenkatu 6. If you do not have the electronic access tag needed in the facilities, ask for an attendant to open the door for you. 

Physical exercise programme BREAK PRO for free for students and staff

The break exercise programme BREAK PRO is a tool designed by physiotherapists to provide breaks during the work, to improve the ergonomics and to increase wellbeing at work. It activates and gives the user reminders about breaks. The programme includes versatile physical exercises for the entire body, in accordance with the latest exercise recommendations. Pilates, ergonomics and mindfulness are also included in the exercises. The videos show the user how to take energizing exercise breaks at the times set by the user, which helps in preventing the harmful effects of working on a computer.

As a Uniarts student, you can use Break Pro for free on up to five different devices. Download the tool to your computer from the link below. The application asks for your email address in order to send the activation code. You can get the application for your mobile device from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play. If you have used Break Pro on your mobile device before spring 2023, you should switch to the new version (4.0.34) by first deleting the old version and downloading the new one from your app store.

When the application starts, select the language. Break Pro reminds you and guides you to take breaks with your chosen schedule every 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes or at specified times. Make your choice how often you want to take a break. The application contains more than 300 movements for different areas of the body.