Uniarts user ID activation and validation

How to get a Uniarts user ID and e-mail, how long the user ID is valid and how to change your password.

Your user ID will be generated automatically after your right to study has been registered and has come into effect. This happens either on 1 August or 1 January.

Receiving your user ID

Register with your Finnish online banking identification at https://password.uniarts.fi/. International students will receive their user IDs in the beginning of studies from student services. 

User ID follows the form abc12345, three letters, five numbers.

Users must come up with a password upon authentication. Create a new password that you do not already use elsewhere. You should read the terms of use already before logging in to the identification service, because authorisation requires that you are aware of and follow the terms of use. 

Uniarts ID is used to login to all our IT-services, computers, webmail, Teams, Peppi or any other university’s service.

There are two use formats of the account, for example for Microsoft O365 -services you need to add @uniarts.fi -suffix. You can determine by the login page, which form of Uniarts ID to use.

Changing a password

After you have received your Uniarts user ID, you can change your password or retrieve your lost user ID by going to https://password.uniarts.fi/.

Keeping your user ID safe

The user IDs are personal. Make sure you never let anyone use your password in any case. Don’t use the same username or password elsewhere. 

Services connected to the user ID

The user ID of a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral student, a Junior Academy student, a student completing non-degree pedagogical studies or an exchange student  gives the right to

  • use email
  • print in accordance with quotas
  • book facilities
  • access facilities
  • use M365 desktop applications 

Other student user IDs give the right to

  • use email
  • access facilities (limited)
  • use M365 desktop applications  

Validity of a user ID

The user ID of a graduated student  is valid two months after graduation.

The user ID of a graduated student who has a continued right to study is valid in accordance with the rights of a normal degree student two months after graduation, and after that continuing students will have the more limited student user ID.

For other students, the user ID expires two months after the end of study right.

I was a student two years ago, can I still access my old files?  

  • The university deletes the user’s electronic mailbox, OneDrive and home directory and all of their content no earlier than six months and no later than nine months after the user authorisation expires.  

When the validity of your user ID is about to expire

Remember to  delete your personal email messages and files before your authorisation to use the IT services expires.  

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