Health­care and well­be­ing ser­vices for in­ter­na­tional stu­dents

Read about the benefits and support available to international degree and exchange students including access to healthcare services.

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Who are the FSHS services for?

You can use the FSHS healthcare services if you are a student completing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree at a higher education institution and have paid the healthcare fee to Kela. 

The FSHS healthcare fee is mandatory for all degree students completing a degree at a higher education institution in Finland. You pay the healthcare fee personally directly to Kela. 

You do not have to pay the healthcare fee if you have social security coverage from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Even if you do not have to pay the fee, you can still use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service. Read more: How should I proceed if I have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom?

You must pay the healthcare fee if you come to Finland from a country outside the EU area to complete a degree here even if you have taken out private health insurance for the residence permit, for instance health insurance from Swisscare. Private health insurance taken out for the residence permit does not mean that you have social security coverage in the EU area.

Book an appointment at FSHS

Before booking an appointment for FSHS services, your need for treatment will be assessed first. 

Call the FSHS service numbers and wait for a callback, the service hours are Mon–Thu from 8:00 to 15:00 and Fri from 8:00 to 14:00 

  • General and mental health services, tel. 046 7101073 
  • Oral health services, tel. 046 7101085 

FSHS services are also available online and remotely

The Self online service provides a quick and easy way for you to take care of your health-related matters. After registering as a Self user, you can easily manage several matters online: You can update your contact information, manage your booked appointments, contact the FSHS via an online form, consult the FSHS staff by using the chat feature or receive a remote consultation. 

Health services during exchange studies abroad

FSHS does not offer remote appointments during a student’s exchange period or traineeship abroad. 

The website gives information about students’ health services when staying abroad, e.g. during exchange studies.

Health information resource

The health information resource offers a wide selection of articles concerning students’ health, illnesses, mental health issues and oral health. 

Municipal health services

If you need to receive care during hours when the FSHS is closed, go to your local health centre. 

Call the medical helpline 116 117 if you need advice and guidance in health problems that are urgent but not cases of emergency. On the medical helpline, registered nurses from the acute healthcare services in your region will assess whether you need emergency care services or urgent care service. 

Health care for exchange students