Quiet room in Kookos

The quiet room is meant to be a place where students can take a break, breathe and relax in silence.

What is the room meant for?

The room is meant for students’ private and quiet breaks. The room can be used for quieting down, meditating or praying, and everyone is welcome to visit the room regardless of their religion, world view or nationality. There are no religious symbols in the room. 

Students are expected to be quietly present in the moment and not study, have phone calls, work, sleep or have snack breaks in the room. 

Where is the quiet room located?

You can find the quiet room on the fifth floor in Kookos, room 506. Students can use the room without making a reservation. 

Tuesday afternoons are reserved for the university chaplain’s appointments

On Tuesdays between 13:00 and 18:00, the quiet room is used for the university chaplain’s appointments. You can book a time for a discussion with the university chaplain during these hours. 

At all other times, the space is open for everyone during the opening hours of Kookos. 

Contact person

University Chaplain Lisa Enckell 
WhatsApp or text message: 050 5331563