Guidelines for thesis projects at the Sibelius Academy

Guidelines for thesis projects and written components at the Sibelius Academy.

Thesis projects

The content, scope and completion method of a thesis project, which may also be called a demonstration of proficiency in English, varies by degree programmes and major subjects at the Sibelius Academy. You can find more detailed information on the content and completion method of the thesis project/demonstration of proficiency in the study unit descriptions provided for each degree programme/major subject in the Study Guide.

Your thesis project/demonstration of proficiency may include a level performance examination in the form of a bachelor’s or master’s recital.

You can find guidelines on submitting the written component related to your thesis project in the study unit description in the Study Guide. Written components related to thesis projects must be stored also in the library’s Taju database. Read the more detailed guidelines on the library’s website.

See the deadlines for written components