Teaching will follow the new curriculum as of 1 August 2024 – read how the change will affect your studies

In autumn 2024, Uniarts Helsinki will start providing bachelor- and master-level teaching in accordance with the new curricula. This means that new and current bachelor’s and master’s students will start studying according to the new curricula. Read what the changes mean for you and how you can choose to finish your incomplete degree according to the old degree requirements on 31 January 2026 at the latest.

What will the new curriculum mean in practice?

All academies and the Open Campus of Uniarts Helsinki carried out the first bachelor’s and master’s curriculum reform project in 2021–2024, which involved e.g. the establishing of a joint degree structure and new joint general studies for Uniarts Helsinki. These studies will support Uniarts Helsinki’s internal and external mobility, student interaction across academy lines, equality among students and flexible study paths. Particular attention was paid to students’ wellbeing and suitable workloads to reduce stress from studies.

Starting from the beginning of autumn term 2024, you will start studying according to the new curricula, and the studies that you have completed so far will be fully included in the degrees following the new curricula on 1 February 2026. The titles and scopes of the degrees will not change.

You can choose to switch over to pursuing a degree in accordance with the new curriculum by informing about it in connection with updating your personal study plan (PSP) during the 2024–2025 academic year at the latest. The information will be stored in your agreements in the Peppi system.

Continuing with the old curriculum

As a current Uniarts Helsinki student, you have the possibility to complete your unfinished degree in accordance with the old degree requirements until 31 January 2026. However, study units that follow the old degree requirements will no longer be offered, and they are replaced with study units that follow the new curricula in accordance with programme-specific correspondence tables for studies.

More information

More detailed information has been compiled on a page titled Studies according to the 2024–2030 curriculum. If necessary, you can receive more information and guidance from the PSP advisors of your own academy or the Open Campus.