The application process for the Dean of the Theatre Academy is progressing, public hearing of the top applicants 17 April

The recruitment committee of the Dean of the Theatre Academy has invited the following applicants to continue in the process: Otso Huopaniemi and Mikko Kanninen.  

The recruitment committee will invite the top applicants to a public hearing on Monday 17.4.2023 at 14.00–16.00 in the Theatre Academy, Auditorio 1. It is also possible to follow the event remotely in the Zoom application. 

In the recruitment process for the Dean of the Theatre Academy, there is a recruitment committee, which was appointed by the rector after consulting the Board of the Theatre Academy. The task of the recruitment committee is to support the rector in filling the position, and its composition is as follows: 

  • Rector Kaarlo Hildén, Chair 
  • Vice Rector Jaana Erkkilä-Hill 
  • Professor Jussi Valtonen 
  • University Lecturer Riku Saastamoinen 
  • Service and HR Manager Laura Jännes 
  • Hanna Helavuori, external expert member 
  • Student representative Toni Nikka 
  • HR and Service Director Riikka Mäki-Ontto, secretary of the committee 

The aim is for the Board to appoint the Dean of the Theatre Academy at its May meeting. The term of the new dean will begin on 1.8.2023 or by agreement.  

The selection process will follow the recruitment process of vice rectors and deans approved by the Uniarts Helsinki Board. 

Further information 
Kaarlo Hildén, Rector, 040 710 4312 
Riikka Mäki-Ontto, HR and Service Director, 050 080 6161