The university’s printing system will be renewed during June 2024

In June, in cooperation with Unigrafia, we will launch a comprehensive introduction of the new printing system. This means moving to a new, unified and integrated system from the new vendor that improves the printing experience. With the new system, printing times are shortened, material management is easier and the user interface is easier to use. 

Student printing quotas will be removed

In the future, student printing will be allowed on all devices, and there will be no separate printing quota. However, printing is only allowed in matters related to studies. We monitor users’ print volumes regularly and any misuse is addressed immediately.

Progress and communication of the reform

The reform is expected to be completed by the end of June. According to current estimates, the new equipment will be installed in the properties between 15.–23 June 2024. This may cause interruptions in the printing service in properties, but the aim is to minimise outages and other inconvenience to users.

We keep students and staff informed throughout the process. We will provide more detailed information on the progress of the process before the installations, as the installations progress and also after their completion in Artsi and Student’s uniarts, as well as in Unigrafia’s online service, which will be opened for the service in autumn 2024.

The progress of the renewal will next be announced at the beginning of June, when the installation schedule has been confirmed.

Further information and contact information

If you have any questions in advance or would like more information about this change, you can contact Uniarts Helsinki’s digital services by email or Unigrafia at