Artistic productions at the Theatre Academy

Information about product planning, resources, communictions and ticket sales.

Artistic productions at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy are part of teaching on all educational levels: on the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. For the most part, artistic productions are carried out with support from the services for artistic work in the Theatre Academy’s facilities and in partner theatres or with other collaboration partners. The Theatre Academy’s programme features 30-50 productions and about 200 performances every year.

Production planning for the academic year

Performances are part of education and research. Initial decisions on performances are made by the staff of the relevant degree programme or the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke). The highest decision-making body to decide on performances is the teaching council, which approves the Theatre Academy’s productions and support service resources for each academic year.

In the production planning for the academic year, priority is given to mandatory productions that are included in studies in accordance with the curricula as well as to the artistic components of research projects. 

Productions are prioritised in the following order: 

  • Joint productions of several degree programmes (2 or more), thesis projects, Tutke’s artistic components and artistic projects included in the master’s studies in acting (improvisation or musical theatre). In the allocation of facilities and services for thesis projects, we prioritise co-productions of several students that are carried out in the facilities of the Theatre Academy. The thesis projects of the LAPS programme are an exception to this rule. 
  • The productions of a single degree programme and course activities in accordance with the curricula in the performance facilities.  
  • Productions and events outside of the curricula are allocated resources on a seasonal basis, if possible. 

Schedule for production planning 


  • Confirming all the obligatory productions lead by the study programmes for the next calendar year.


  • The application period for the next calendar year is open for artistic thesis projects and research projects with artistic components as well as for event, seminar and conference activities.


  • Going through all the artistic activities, events, and conferences/seminars at the Theatre Academy’s Joint Planning Seminar.


  • The Teaching Council makes the decisions on the artistic activities and events, and their resources for the next calendar year. Decisions will be informed to all applicants.

Who can par­tic­i­pate in the the­atre acad­e­my’s pro­duc­tions

For the most part, productions at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy are created by the academy’s students and permanent staff. Participation in productions is part of students’ studies, and no remuneration is paid. Production teams can also have members from outside of the student community and permanent staff of the Theatre Academy. 

Resource Guidelines

The Resource Guidelines describe the support services that are available for all productions and events. It is important that all students, teachers and other staff members who are planning artistic activities and other events read the Resource Guidelines before production begins.

Performance facilities 

Kookos offers seven facilities suited for performances, along with the required equipment. These facilities include Theatre Hall and Studios 1-4 as well as halls 532 and 534. Only teaching course demos and other internal events of the academy are organised in other facilities.  

Theatre Academy productions and events can also be organised in the White Studio in Mylly and in facilities outside of the Sörnäinen campus. You can find information and images of our facilities on our external website. 

Communications Planner Jaana Forsström is responsible for the communications related to performance activities. Information that is needed for communications is gathered each season with the event details form, which is sent to the working groups by the production coordinator. The following details are provided in the form so that they can be published in the event calendar of the website or in a Facebook event, for example: 

  • Description of the performance and information about the working group 
  • Performance dates and locations 
  • Promotional image 

Information on other materials for events, such as posters and programme booklets, is available from the communications planner or the producer responsible for the performance in question. 

If working group decide to make a poster by themselves, poster templates are in Uniarts imagebank.

Ticket sales, invitations and free tickets  

Production Coordinator Rosa Sedita is responsible for ticket sales and performance invitations.

The production coordinator works in close cooperation with all working groups for performances concerning ticket sales for their productions. 


Uniarts Helsinki signs an agreement with all new degree students where the student grants the university a parallel right to reproduce the work, performance or recording that is created as part of their studies and to make the work, performance or recording available to the public. 

Safety issues in artistic activities  

Taking safety into consideration is an integral part of the planning process for performances and also part of the learning of the student participating in the production. 

Sus­tain­able artis­tic work

Ecologically sustainable activities can be rehearsed with support at the Theatre Academy.  Consider what you want to try and learn about ecological sustainability during production.

Production storage and loans

The possibility of storage arrangements is agreed in production meetings and with the support service personnel for artistic work before the take-down of the production

More information on production planning