Decision-making and influencing within the university

How official decisions are made within the university, what the highest decision-making bodies are and how students can personally influence decisions that concern them.

University board

The highest decision-making body within Uniarts Helsinki is the university board, and it is tasked with determining the main objectives of the university’s operations and finances, deciding on the strategy and preparing the university’s financial statements. Some of the board members are the university’s employees and students, while the rest of the members are experts that have been selected from outside the university community.

University collegium

Another statutory body is the university collegium, which selects the financial auditors, confirms the financial statement and annual board report and decides on the discharge of the rector and board members from liability. The collegium monitors Uniarts Helsinki’s decision-making and convenes to discuss important issues concerning the entire university.

Rector and executive group

The university is led by the rector, who is supported by an executive group, and its members work in the upper management of the university.

Deans and academy board

In addition to the rector, each academy has a dean who makes decisions on matters concerning their own academy. The dean is supported by the academy board. Because the rector and the deans cannot be involved in all things going on at the university, there are also various boards and committees, such as the academic appeals board and the electoral commission.

Information on decisions made by the university board and other important bodies

Information on decisions concerning students is shared on the Students’ Uniarts website.

When you need archived or registered documents of the university, you can turn to the Archive and the Registry. You can also search for data and documents in the university’s document register, the Dynasty case management system, independently. 

Starting from 2023, the university’s decisions have been published in the case management system Dynasty.

Making an impact on the university’s decision-making as a student

You have many opportunities to make an impact on decision-making as a student. The best way to make a difference is by applying as a student representative to an official university body that make decisions:

Academy bodies also have student representatives. Vacant positions in bodies are announced on the Student Union’s platforms.

Other ways to make an impact on the university’s decision-making is to follow the news published on the Students’ Uniarts website and to participate in discussions, respond to feedback questionnaires and get involved in collaborative projects.

We encourage you to be in touch with the student representatives of bodies and with Uniarts Helsinki’s Student Union. Venture out and stand as a candidate for representing students in university bodies.

If you need more information or you have observations or suggestions concerning the university’s activities, do not hesitate to contact Uniarts Helsinki’s staff.