Ergonomic support for Sibelius Academy students

Tailored exercise courses and physiotherapy consultations are available for music students.

Ergonomic guidance in teaching

Ergonomic guidance is included as part of the instruction in the following courses:

In addition, fitness courses tailored for music students provide you with guidance on maintaining your study ability and practice skills. Musician ergonomics are also discussed in joint instrument teacher and physiotherapist lessons.

If you are experiencing pain, numbness or other symptoms requiring preventive consultation, you can make an appointment with a physiotherapist specialising in musician wellbeing or a VoiceWell specialist.

Physiotherapy consultations

You can apply for a consultation if you are a student or exchange student in youth or basic education in the Sibelius Academy Faculty of Classical Music or in the department of Music Education, Jazz, Folk Music, Global Music and Music Technology.

However, you are not entitled to a physiotherapy consultation if you attend instruction in which a physiotherapist is involved in providing guidance (e.g., a violin clinic) during the same term.

During one academic year, you may be granted 1–2 physical therapy consultations. One consultation is 45 minutes long.

Applying for consultation

Request a physiotherapy consultation using an electronic form.

Before submitting the request, it is recommended that you speak with your instrument teacher. It is also recommended that your instrument teacher takes part in the first session in order to assess the overall situation and avoid conflicting instructions.

Physiotherapy consultations are granted by Lecturer Susanna Metsistö. You will be notified by email. Please contact your physiotherapist only after you have been granted a consultation. Retroactive applications will not be accepted.

If you are granted a consultation, you can agree with the physiotherapist on when and how the consultation will be given.

Consultations are granted to investigate an acute problem with functional capacity. The approved consultation must be used as soon as possible or at the latest during the same academic term. Consultations granted in the autumn must be used by the end of January at the latest and those granted in the spring by the end of June.

Some of the physiotherapists receive clients at their own clinic. You can also book a room for the consultation from the Sibelius Academy by email: The name of the physiotherapist used to make the booking must be mentioned when booking a room.

Physiotherapists specialising in ergonomics for musicians

Music Physiotherapist Erja Kouri

Erja Kouri is a music physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She is interested in analysing motion and movement analysis, finding the cause of the problem and not just treating the symptom. Erja uses manual treatment in her work, such as mobilisation, and fascia treatments, acupuncture, individual exercises and Pilates. Erja has consulted violinists in particular on ergonomics, warm-up and restorative exercises, along with cellists, pianists, singers and wind instrumentalists.

Contact: tel. +358 (0)50 572 2333,,

Music Physiotherapist Satu Palo

Music Physiotherapist, OMT Physiotherapist Satu Palo has worked as a physiotherapist for more than 30 years and with musicians since 2004. Satu specialises in, among others, optimal body position, pain in the neck, upper extremities, spine and nerve tissue as well as individual guidance of exercises that strengthen the body and finding an optimal playing position. She has taught ergonomics at the Sibelius Academy in the clinic for violinists and flutists.

Contact us primarily by email at (tel. +358 (0)400 799 564),

Music Physiotherapist Katarina Porander

Music physiotherapist Katarina Porander has over 25 years of experience working with musicians. Katarina specialises in, among others, musician ergonomics, physical training and rehabilitation of stress injuries. Katarina has served as a physiotherapist with the National Opera, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Tapiola Sinfonietta since 1991.

Contact: tel. +358 (0)45 671 2849,

Music Physiotherapist Markku Riihinen

Markku Riihinen is a music physiotherapist from Kuopio who has worked with musicians’ physical problems and their prevention for 30 years. He is a specialist in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is an occupational physiotherapist. Markku works as a consulting physiotherapist for the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, Joensuu City Orchestra and Jyväskylä Sinfonia, and teaches musician ergonomics at several educational institutions.

Contact us:, tel. +358 (0)17 261 1615 (Physiotherapy service)

Osteopathic treatment / VoiceWell

Kirsi Vaalio is an osteopath, Master of Music (MMus), HoitavaHengitys (Healing Breathing) HB(r) instructor and VoiceWell practitioner. She specialises in the treatment of the vocal and respiratory tract and breathing. OsteoVoice, VoiceWell and Laryngeal Manual Treatment are methods used to treat stress and disorders of the vocal and respiratory tracts, which also involve the bite and tongue. Kirsi applies osteopathic soft tissue and fascia techniques, mobilisation and various respiratory methods and exercises in her treatments.

The student’s own contribution for the treatment is EUR 30.

Contact: +358 (0)400 433 629,,

Additional material and exercises for maintaining your study ability

The following pages contain information and exercises for maintaining your study ability:

More information

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