Facility-related regulations

What to consider when using the Uniarts Helsinki facilities.

Purpose and application of the regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to contribute to the general order of the university and to the safety and well-being of the members of the university community. The aim of the regulations is also to reinforce activities and behaviour in line with the values set out in the University of the Arts Helsinki’s (Uniarts Helsinki’s) strategy. Our values are skill, courage and openness.

The regulations are in force on the premises of Uniarts Helsinki and, where applicable, elsewhere where activities related to the university’s teaching, artistic activities or research are organised.

These rules apply to our entire university community: Every degree student, employee and, where applicable, other students and persons visiting and working on campus of Uniarts Helsinki.

In addition to these regulations, members of our university community must respect the legislation in force and comply with the other rules of Uniarts Helsinki and the terms of use of the various services provided by the university.

A safe university

Every member of our university community has the right to a safe, equal and equitable learning and working environment. At our university, everyone must maintain good order and not endanger the safety or well-being of others.

In the physical and online environment of our university, we behave in a manner consistent with Uniarts Helsinki’ ethical principles, the Code of Conduct for Education and Studies, the Treat Me Well guidelines and other university operating instructions.

Examples of prohibited conduct include threatening or violent behaviour, disruptive or violent activities, damage to university property, physical or verbal intimidation, harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Inappropriate behaviour also includes the disruption of teaching, violent, threatening or dishonest behaviour or other breaches of university order.

A responsible teacher or supervisor is the primary point of contact if someone experiences or observes inappropriate behaviour or activity on university premises. In an emergency, always call 112.

Uniarts Helsinki implements access control and camera surveillance to protect property, prevent criminal activity and misconduct, investigate crimes and misconduct that have already occurred, and promote the peace and safety of staff and students.

Uniarts Helsinki uses an external security service provider to ensure the safety of public events and the security of buildings and people. The service provider operates within the framework of the legislation and the powers granted by Uniarts Helsinki.

The university as a public space

During campus opening hours, buildings are a public space where people can move and spend time freely if they do not disturb others. The access to some workspaces, such as those for staff or students and to concert halls, is restricted to students and staff who have an ID with an access control tag.

Outside opening hours, all university premises are accessed by means of an access control tag, and no unknown or unauthorised persons should be allowed to enter the premises with their own access control tag. Access rights are granted only to Uniarts Helsinki staff and students or equivalent persons to the extent necessary for their work and studies. Access rights are managed by the university’s Facilities Services.

University education is public. Where justified, participation in instruction may be restricted. Filming or other audiovisual recording of teaching is only allowed with the permission of the teacher and the group of students concerned.

University buildings and public spaces may be filmed freely for personal or journalistic use during the opening hours of the buildings, provided that the filming does not harm the university’s activities or materials and does not disturb students, staff or other persons using the university’s facilities. The consent of the persons concerned is always required for filming and photo-graphing them. The permission of the person(s) concerned is also required to publish the images. Filming and photography must be agreed with Uniarts Helsinki communications team, and follow more detailed communications guidelines.

Use of university premises and movable property

The university’s premises and movable property (furniture, machinery, equipment, supplies, etc.) are intended to be used for study, research, artistic activities and other university-related work. In principle, temporary accommodation on the university campus and in the buildings is always prohibited. Any use for other purposes must always be agreed in advance with the university. Uniarts Helsinki may restrict the use of premises and movable property for justified reasons.

The university is a non-denominational and non-political organisation. Commercial, political, religious and other declaratory activities by parties outside the university are prohibited without special permission.

Everyone must play their part in keeping the premises clean and comfortable.

University property

University property must be handled with care and prudence. Separate operating and maintenance instructions for machinery and equipment must be followed. Any defects, deficiencies or factors or activities that threaten safety should be reported to a supervisor, the teacher responsible for the course, the occupational safety manager or Facilities Services.

Responsible substance use

A substance-free working and studying environment is part of the well-being of Uniarts Helsinki employees and students. Uniarts Helsinki has substance use policies for employees and students, which are used to deal with suspicions of substance use and their processing. The substance use policies are available on the university’s internal website.

It is not permitted to study, work or be at Uniarts Helsinki while intoxicated. If a student or employee is suspected of being intoxicated, the situation will be addressed in accordance with the substance abuse policies.

The consumption of alcohol is only allowed at specifically authorised events and occasions. The consumption of alcohol must not cause a disturbance at these events. Anyone behaving in a disruptive manner will be asked to leave the event.

The possession, use or working or acting under the influence of drugs while studying or training at the university, or otherwise representing Uniarts Helsinki, is prohibited. Uniarts Helsinki will always report to the police any drug use or possession discovered in the university environment. The university campuses are smoke-free and smoking, including e-cigarettes, is only allowed in designated areas.

Use of IT services/information Systems

Each person with a uniarts.fi user account (student, employee, other person) is responsible for acting in accordance with the rules for using the IT services. The rules apply to the use of all university IT services, devices, applications and networks.

University IT services are intended as a tool for tasks related to studying, teaching, research or administration at the university. Permitted limited private use includes, for example, private email conversations and the use of online services. However, private use must not interfere with other use of the system or conflict with the rules and instructions for use.

Commercial activity and publicity are not acceptable forms of private use.

The University’s IT systems rules and the related sanctions for misuse are available on the university’s internal website.

Parking and emergency exit routes

University parking spaces are marked with traffic signs, and vehicles must park in the spaces indicated by the signs. Emergency access roads must be kept absolutely free and accessible. Uniarts Helsinki, as the owner of the buildings, may authorise municipal traffic wardens to issue fines on its grounds. The university’s rescue guidelines and accessibility guidelines can be found on the university’s website.

Alarm situations

The university has emergency procedures and building-specific rescue plans, which users of the premises must familiarise themselves with. When an alarm sounds, everyone must act according to the instructions. In case of a fire alarm, you must immediately evacuate the building and move to the assembly points. Under the general duty of care, everyone must ensure that others also leave and must prevent the spread of damage as far as possible.

Violations and how to deal with them

The university handles suspicions of inappropriate behaviour towards students and deals with them in accordance with the University Act and Uniarts Helsinki’s Code of Conduct for Education and Studies. The Dean of the Academy is responsible for ensuring that any disturbance or conflict involving a student and aimed at disrupting the good order of the university is resolved in accordance with the principles of good governance.

A student who is disruptive or behaves in a violent and threatening manner or endangers the life and health of another student may be ordered to leave the lesson or be excluded from teaching for up to three days.

Actual disciplinary sanctions are a written warning from the Rector or the suspension of the student, which is decided by the University Board.

The university deals with suspected breaches of employment obligations by an employee in accordance with the legislation governing employment and safety at work. Possible sanctions Include verbal or written reprimands, warnings and, in the most serious cases, dismissal or termination of employment.

Everyone is liable for any damage caused either intentionally or negligently to the university’s property or premises. This liability also applies to costs caused either intentionally or negligently by the setting off of a fire- or other alarm.

The Rector or someone designated by them will provide further information on the application of these rules and the procedure for resolving situations and dealing with breaches of university discipline.

Regulations room notice board

You have the right to do your work or study in peace and safety on university premises.

You are responsible for ensuring that your behaviour contributes to working and studying peacefully at our university.

Examples of prohibited conduct include threatening or violent behaviour, disruptive or violent activities, damage to university property, physical or verbal intimidation, harassment, discrimination and bullying.

You also share responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of the working and learning environment.

It is not permitted to study, work or be at the university while intoxicated.

The possession, use or working or acting under the influence of drugs while studying or training at the university, or otherwise representing Uniarts Helsinki, is prohibited.

Uniarts Helsinki is a smoke-free place to work and study.

You must handle Uniarts Helsinki property with care and be careful to follow the specific instructions for the use and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Uniarts Helsinki implements access control and camera surveillance to support security.

Emergency access roads must be kept absolutely free and accessible.

Any anomalies and suspected infringements that are detected/reported are addressed and responded to.

If you cause damage, you may be liable to pay for the damage you cause to the university’s property or premises or the costs you incur to the university.

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