Purchasing hearing protectors

A joint order of hearing protectors is made once a year. Registration for the joint order will open on 30 August 2022. 

In their first year of study, all new students are eligible to receive:  

  • either standard protective devices  (HIFI/Six model earplugs) paid for by the university  
  • or personal, custom-moulded protectors for €127, when the order is placed as a joint purchase in September and October (the university contributes €20 to the purchase cost).  

Joint order of hearing protectors for first-year students   

Orders for hearing protectors will be placed in September as a joint purchase. Orders are announced in the Newsroom on the Uniarts home page, in Tuudo and in weekly letters.   

Before the order is placed, measurements and photographs will be taken on all campuses for ordering personal, custom-moulded protectors.   

Ordering hearing protectors for non-first-year students  

Students other than first-year students can order custom-moulded hearing protectors for €147. The price is higher than for first-year students because the university can only subsidise the purchase of protectors for new students due to reasons of cost.  

Register for the joint order   

Registration for the joint order opens on Monday, 30 August 2022 at 9:00 am.  

University hearing protection programme  

The university’s hearing protection programme describes the nature of the noise exposure generated by the university’s activities and the reasons for exceeding the exposure limits. The programme also defines the methods for reducing exposure and the schedule for the required measures. The hearing protection programme also contains practical instructions for reducing noise exposure.