Student’s accidents and insurances

Information on insurance coverage for students.

Statutory workers’ compensation insurance

You are insured with statutory workers’ compensation insurance when you are registered as attending (present) and you are:  

  • a degree student  
  • an exchange student  
  • an Open University student (no registration as attending required)  
  • a continuing student  

Workers’ compensation insurance for students 1 Jan 2024 – 31 Dec 2024

With respect to pupils and students covered by the insurance, the cover is valid only when the student participates in a practical class, on-the-job learning, practical training or competence-based qualification or, as part of basic education, during a period of work experience in an educational institution or other location determined by the education provider or educational institution, which is in accordance with the curriculum or qualification requirements and comparable to work.

The insurance is also valid on the way from one’s dwelling or educational institution to a practical training, on-the- job learning or work experience site or a place for taking a competence-based qualification, determined by the education provider, and back. However, ordinary daily travel from one’s dwelling to an educational institution and back or deviations from the daily route are not covered by the insurance.

What to do in the event of an accident

An accident is a sudden, external incident causing bodily harm to a person unintentionally. Typical accidents include tripping, slipping or hurting oneself with an object. 

Contact the accident contact person:

• Academy of Fine Arts (KuvA) – Maria Peltonen,, 040 860 9502  

• Sibelius Academy (SibA) – Eija Heinola,, 050 526 2024   

• Theatre Academy (TeaK) – Hannele Ylönen,, 0400 792 002

• Open University – Maria Peltonen,, 040 860 9502  

The accident contact person will provide you with an insurance certificate and instructions on seeking treatment. The insurance certificate states that, as a student of Uniarts Helsinki, you are insured with statutory accident insurance. When you present the insurance certificate, you will not have to pay medical treatment costs in the event of an accident – the treatment provider will invoice the insurance company.  
As soon as possible after a visiting a physician, contact the accident contact person to submit an accident report. Include any receipts, such as for any medicines you have purchased.  

What to do if you suffer a student accident on a weekend or in the evening, or if you cannot contact the accident contact person

If you suffer an accident on a weekend or in the evenings, or if the nature of the accident requires urgent treatment, take your student card and go directly to the nearest physician on call (Haartman Hospital (Helsinki), Mehiläinen, Terveystalo, etc.). Explain that you are a student at Uniarts Helsinki and that this is a student accident.   

If you need a taxi to get to a place of treatment, you can get a taxi card from TeaK’s info (Sörnäinen campus).

If the accident is serious and requires an ambulance, call the general emergency number 112 – paramedics will take you to a health centre or an emergency clinic at the hospital.  

If you do not have an accident relating to studies but, for example, experience sudden illness, go to the nearest municipal on-call treatment location, such as:  

  • Helsinki – Haartman Hospital, Haartmaninkatu 4 (Building 12), tel. 116 117 Medical Helpline  
  • Kuopio – KUH Puijo Hospital, Puijonlaaksontie 2 (entrance through door C), tel. 116 117 Medical Helpline  
  • Seinäjoki – Seinäjoki Central Hospital, Koskenalantie 18 (Building Y, 1st floor)   Tel. 116 117 Medical Helpline  

If a student accident occurs in the evening or on a weekend, when you were not able to obtain an insurance certificate from the accident contact person to present to the treatment provider, be prepared to pay the medical expenses yourself. In some cases, you do not have to pay medical expenses, but will instead receive an insurance certificate request from the treatment provider. Take the request to the accident contact person as soon as possible.  
As soon as possible after treatment, contact the accident contact person to file an accident report. Include any payment receipts, such as for medical expenses, medicines and travel expenses.  

What to do if you receive a referral from a physician for follow-up treatment

If your physician has ordered follow-up treatment, such as an MRI scan, wait for your case to be processed and you will receive a payment commitment from the insurance company.  Call the Claim Service on 010 191 600 to check the status of your accident claim.

Damage to property in connection with an accident

The accident insurance covers, for example, eyeglasses used by the injured person that were broken in connection with an accident. A precondition for paying compensation is that the accident has caused some kind of bodily harm.  

What to do if the insurance company rejects your accident claim

The insurance company may reject your accident claim, in which case you may be responsible for paying the treatment costs retroactively. If an insurance claim is rejected, the injured person may appeal the decision to the insurance company.  

Personal insurance

As the statutory workers’ compensation insurance of Uniarts Helsinki does not cover all the everyday circumstances of the student, it is also a good idea to take out personal insurance. 

Insurance of personal property

The University cannot insure property on its premises that is owned by others. Students’ personal belongings, such as clothing and backpacks, are not included in the university’s property insurance but must be included in each student’s home insurance. Similarly, supplies or objects purchased by the student that are related to works of art or performances are not included in the university’s insurance.

We recommend that all students take out home insurance and find out how it covers property elsewhere, for example in case of water damage or fire.

Insurance of instruments

The University cannot insure instruments owned by students even if they are kept at the University’s premises – i.e. you must take out your own insurance for them. Similarly, instruments and equipment that you borrow become your responsibility when you borrow them. They are not covered by the university’s property insurance during the loan period. We recommend that all students take out home insurance and find out how it covers the risk of damage to borrowed equipment or instruments.

Named, valuable musical instruments owned by the university are separately insured under musical instrument insurance. Similarly, concert trips and other trips abroad are covered by a joint musical instrument insurance policy taken out for the trips in question, which covers all instruments leaving the country regardless of their owner.

International student’s property and instruments insurance

If you are an international student and do not have a Finnish personal identity code, unfortunately you cannot take out Finnish home insurance to protect your property. Check whether your travel insurance policy or any other insurance policy taken from your home country covers property in Finland during your studies.

Travel insurance

Degree students and exchange students who have registered as attending (present) have a continuous travel insurance policy for trips according to the curriculum.

Travelling area: Domestic and abroad
Type of travel: Trips according to the curriculum
Type of activity: Students. The insurance is valid for activities in accordance with the curriculum, as well as during direct trips related to this.
Type of activity specification: The insurance is valid 24 hours a day during the journey.
Risk areas: Excluded. Compensation is not paid for loss due to war or armed conflict. A list of dangerous/war risk areas is available at
Dangerous activities: Excluded

The claimant shall bear the costs arising from the event insured prior to receiving the decision on compensation. Upon request, the insurance company must be provided with a medical report on the illness or injury, original receipts of expenses and other evidence necessary to establish the insurance company’s liability.  

What should I do if I fall ill during my study trip?

  Contact the person responsible for the trip and report the illness. Go to the nearest medical facility. Pay the medical expenses and any medications, and save the receipts. The claim for compensation is filed with the insurance company afterwards. The person responsible for the trip will assist you in filing the claim.  

Here you will report any damage during the trip such as illnesses, accidents, cancellations of the trip, delays and luggage damage:

Call the IF’s Travel Care if you need help, tel. +358 10 19 1699.

Private insurance policies for foreign students

As a student, you must personally cover the costs if you become ill in Finland. In order to get a residence permit, you must take out private insurance that will cover your medical and drug expenses. The insurance you need depends on the duration of your studies in Finland If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), you will not need to take out any insurance.  

If P&C Insurance Ltd – Insurance information

Workers’ compensation insurance (students) – policy number SP1056748  
Travel insurance (students) – policy number SP2944874  

Policy holder: Taideyliopisto (2500305-6)