Studies in career skills 

All Uniarts Helsinki students can include studies in career skills in their degree. These studies give students tools that are needed in working professionally in the arts sector, pursuing a career as an entrepreneur and reflecting on one’s own path as an artist.

Uniarts Helsinki’s studies in career skills give students tools for adopting future-oriented thinking and reflecting on their personal paths as an artist. Studies consist of courses, online studies that are completed independently as well as project-related events. 

Studies in career skills increase students’ understanding on their own competence, help them to develop their professional identity and improve their employment prospects. After completing these studies, students and artists are better aware of how artistic fields can be applied in the ever-changing world. 

Through studies in career skills, you will learn how to:  

  • find employment in demanding expert duties in the arts sector   
  • understand the structures and operational environment of your own field   
  • assess the existing practices with a critical mind   
  • apply and develop your own competence in the ever-changing labour market   
  • take sustainability into consideration in your own work environment  

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Studies in career skills at the Open University

The Open University gives people who are already working professionally in the arts sector the opportunity to participate in Uniarts Helsinki’s studies that boost career and entrepreneurship skills.  

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Develop your business idea in an incubator

Starting from autumn 2022, Uniarts Helsinki’s pre-incubator programme will give operators in the arts sector an introduction to an entrepreneurial operating model, offer them hands-on tools for starting up a business and serve as a platform for testing out product or service ideas and a business model. During the programme, participants are given insight from experienced entrepreneurs and information on what it means to run a business in practice.  

Applicants to the pre-incubator may be individuals or teams that work in the creative sector or in the arts professionally or students who are studying the field.  

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Contact us

Uniarts Helsinki’s joint studies in career skills are offered by the Open Campus. Studies are coordinated by career skills lecturers Riitta Huttunen and Satu Tuittila. If you have any questions about studies in career skills, send an email to