Apply for a degree certificate at the Theatre Academy

Guidelines for applying for a degree certificate and information on graduation dates.

Bachelor’s degree certificate

You can apply for a diploma once all the credits included in the degree have been entered in the register (Peppi).

When applying for a bachelor’s degree certificate, first answer the national Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey at After answering, you will be directed to the bachelor’s degree certificate application. If you are not able to answer the survey, please contact

Answering the Bachelor’s Graduate Survey takes 15 to 20 minutes. The results of the survey will be used to develop the education at the university. The Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is a part of the universities’ funding model: The results and response rate affect the amount of total funding the university receives, so the responses are valuable in this way, too. The University of the Arts cannot connect given answers to individual students. 

Master’s degree certificate

You can apply for a diploma once all the credits included in the degree have been entered in the register (Peppi). With the exception of graduation dates of a few months; You can apply for a degree certificate according to the graduation schedule but conditionally. The certificate application is no longer valid unless the thesis project is approved by the Teaching Council.

Doctoral degree certificate

Graduation schedule for the academic year

Electronic degree certificate

The official degree certificate is electronic. The diploma can be downloaded from Peppi on the day of graduation. It is no longer possible to get a degree certificate in paper form.

You will receive your degree certificate and transcript of records either in Finnish or Swedish and English.   

Each student is also given an English-language Diploma Supplement as an appendix to their degree certificate to be used in international contexts. The Diploma Supplement describes the content and level of your degree. It also includes information about the Finnish education system.  

Download your degree certificte from Peppi’s Atomi service according to the instructions below. Downloading the certificate requires valid Uniarts user ID. Your user ID expires two months after your graduation date, unless you have been granted another study right, such as a continued right to study. After this, you will not be able to download the official diploma.

If your user ID is not valid, please contact the study services of your own academy or to deliver the certificate. Your degree certificate is archived electronically by the University of the Arts.

The degree certificate is a PDF/A file. Never open the certificate in edit mode. When opened in editing mode, the electronic signature certificate is broken, and the document is no longer authentic.

You can create electronic backups of the official certificate. All electronic copies are official and authentic certificates.

The printed degree certicate is neither official nor authentic.

How to download your degree certificate from Peppi

  1. Open the Certificate of studies from the navigation menu of the student’s desktop by clicking on the study certificates icon.
  2. Your Atomi service that opens has three tabs: New order, Documents and Degree certificate. Go to the degree certificate tab.
  3. The tab lists the documents created for you. Your degree certificate can be found in the list under the name Certificate. Download the certificate by clicking Download on the right side.
  4. The degree certificate opens either in the browser, is downloaded to the browser’s Downloads folder, or is opened with the default program (e.g. Adobe Reader). This depends on your browser settings. Check the related settings in your browser’s instructions.
  5. Save the degree certificate with a recognizable name in your own files.
    – It is recommended to store the diploma in a cloud service, for example.
    – In addition, you should make a backup copy of the diploma and save it, for example, on a memory stick.

Graduation ceremony

The Theatre Academy organises a festive graduation ceremony twice a year: in December and in June.  

Next graduation ceremonies:  

  • Fri 14 June 2024
  • Fri 13 Dec 2024
  • Fri 13 June 2025

All students who have completed a master’s or a doctoral degree during the past academic year are invited to the event.