How to request rectification of a thesis project or study attainment grade

How to submit an official request for rectification to the University.

Submit a written rectification

A written request for rectification is addressed to the  University of the Arts Helsinki Academic Appeals Board.

The request for rectification must be received by the Registry within 14 days (by no later than 3:00 p.m.) of publishing the final admission result or of receiving any other decision, in which case the date of notification of the decision is not taken into account for the fixed period.

Mention the following in the request for rectification:

  1. The decision for which you are requesting rectification
  2. If the request for rectification concerns admission, mention the appeal(s) to which the request for rectification applies
  3. Name and contact information (address, email address and telephone number)
  4. What part of the decision do you need to be rectified?
  5. What kind of rectification or appeal to the decision do you require?
  6. Grounds for the requested rectification.

The appellant or their authorised agent must sign the request for rectification.

Attach the following documents to the request for rectification:

1. Documents you are appealing as a student

For example: a teacher’s decision given in a request for rectification concerning a study attainment grade or recognition of prior learning.

2. Account showing when the decision was received

Example: if the teacher’s decision was delivered by email, the original email message must be attached to the request for rectification to show the parties to the message and the time when the message was received.

3. Grading criteria

If the request for rectification concerns the grading of an exam or learning assignment, attach the examination answers/learning assignment, the grading criteria for your examination/learning assignment, and any sample answers to the rectification request.

4. Power of attorney if the appellant uses an agent.

Recognition of prior learning

If the request for rectification concerns the recognition for prior learning, attach all documents attached to the original request for rectification, such as content descriptions of the study unit to be replaced and recognised.

Send the request for rectification to:

University of the Arts Helsinki/Registry
P.O. Box 1
Street address: Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C

A request for rectification may also be submitted by email to the University of the Arts Helsinki Registry at Please note that Uniarts Helsinki is not responsible for information security when requests for rectification are sent as (normal) e-mails. Consequently, (normal) email is used at your own risk. Typically, it is not necessary to include your personal identity code or other confidential information in the request for rectification, such as information on your life situation or state of health, as these are not factors that must be taken into account in the processing of the matter. It is recommended that you send the request for rectification from the e-mail address that you have provided to Studyinfo.

The sender is responsible for submitting the request for rectification.

If the request for rectification has not been submitted by the set deadline, it will not be investigated.

Processing requests for rectification

Uniarts Helsinki processes requests for rectification as urgent matters.

After examining a request for rectification, the decision-maker may change the administrative decision, rescind the decision or reject the request for rectification. The decision on a request for rectification must provide a justified resolution for the claims presented.

Once the request for rectification has been processed, we will notify you of the decision by email or letter. If the appellant or student wishes to interrupt the rectification process they have initiated, they may do so by sending a request to cancel their request for rectification to the Uniarts Helsinki Registry.