Peppi instructions: certificates of studies

Download an electronically verified certificate of student status.

You can download an electronically verified certificate of student status (so-called certificate of registration) and a transcript of records by clicking “Certificates of studies” in the top navigation bar in Peppi. The certificates are official and feature the university’s digital signature.

If you need to deliver the certificate in question to an official authority, for example, send it in digital format, e.g. by email. Due to the digital signature, the certificate is official only when forwarded in digital format. If you print the certificate, it is no longer official, because the printed version does not show the digital signature.

New order

When you need an electronically verified certificate, start by clicking the “New order” button at the top of the page.

Then select the correct certificate (certificate of student status or transcript of records) and the language that you want the certificate to be in. Then click “Order”.

The certificate you have ordered can be found on the “Documents” tab.

Ordered documents

You can find the certificates that you have personally ordered as well as the certificates that have been sent to you by academic affairs personnel (HSL and TE Office certificates) on the “Documents” tab. The last saved file is listed at the top.

You can download and save the certificate by clicking the name of the file.

You can delete a certificate that you have saved by clicking the trash bin icon at the end of the row.

If you have downloaded the maximum number of certificates, you will have to delete old documents before you can order new ones.