Programme Office Primo

Primo is a service of the Uniarts Helsinki's Sibelius Academy which produces performances for events organised by companies and communities. Students can apply to become a Primo performer.

What is Primo?

Primo produces musical experiences for events organised by companies and other organisations. Primo is a unit operating within Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy. It invoices the client for its service and pays a fee to the performers. 

Primo’s clients request and order musical performances for a variety of needs and events. These often include programme numbers for seminars or dinners, background music for cocktail events and party bands for celebrations. Primo also receives orders for joint activities with a group of people – such as singalongs for audiences of various ages – and for music that is used in technological products. 

A fee is paid for performances provided by Primo, and these performances also enable performers to gain experience and develop their skills.

Can I apply to become a Primo performer?

Musicians and musical groups of all different kinds may apply to become Primo performers. Both solo performers and ensembles of different sizes are all welcome to apply.

Examples of performance types requested by Primo customers

Is the music that you or your ensemble provide suitable only for focused listening, or could it also function as ambient background music? Sometimes customers request to have both forms of music at their event – such has having a 10-minute programme number and then background music later on. 

In certain situations, clients are particularly interested in having lightweight duos and trios who can easily move themselves and their instruments quickly onto the stage and then off again. Small ensembles with either acoustic or lightly amplified instruments often suit the client best in these situations. 

Tell us also about any projects you have which differ from the normal musical approaches. Is it natural for you to include some audience participation in your performance or to fulfil audience requests in some way? Can you lead an activity where the audience get to make music themselves or even to dance and experience something new?

How to apply to become a Primo performer

The application must include

  • the name and description of the performer or ensemble 
  • a list of the group’s members with instruments 
  • the email and phone number of the musician acting as the contact person 
  • one or more audio samples in mp3 format sent as separate files 
  • a photo sent as a separate file 

You can also include a video sample in your application. In such cases, send the video as a separate file that can be downloaded via services such as Google Drive (not as a link to YouTube etc.) 

Email your application to Primo producer Susanna Torvinen, 

It is a good idea to apply to Primo based on a repertoire that you maintain in active use and which will remain available for a long time.

Are you already a Primo performer?

Presenters already on Primo’s list are encouraged to send updates about themselves – Are you still interested in performing? Have some things changed? What new things have you developed? What stage are you at in your studies? etc. 

Primo’s activities focus on current students at Uniarts Helsinki and enabling them to gain work experience. We also offer performance opportunities for graduated Primo performers according to the opportunities and demand.

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