Studying at the Open University   

This page gives you the information that you need before starting your studies at Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University.

User ID and learning platforms

Activating your Uniarts user ID is absolutely necessary for pursuing studies. A user ID is needed in all communications for Uniarts Helsinki courses, on learning platforms, the study information system Peppi and Uniarts Helsinki’s intranet. Your user ID will be created automatically once you have been granted the right to study at Uniarts Helsinki.

All course-related messages will be sent to your Uniarts Helsinki email address, which you can start using once you have activated your user ID. You can choose to forward your account’s messages to your personal email address.

You can set your account password with the help of electronic identification by using online banking credentials or a certification card. If electronic identification is not possible for you, send a message to

You may use you user ID and the services included in it for two months after the end of your right to study. Your study right is valid until the end of the semester (31 December or 31 July) or until the end of the academic year for courses lasting an academic year (31 July). You can activate your user account no earlier than the day after you have received confirmation of access to the course. If you cancel your studies, your right to study will expire on the day of cancellation.

How to log in to email and platforms

Login requires a Uniarts ID, which consists of three letters and five numbers. You will find out what your personal ID is after you have activated your user account in the address

Logging in also requires multi-factor authentication. See, how to set up multi-factor authentication on Students Uniarts.

Follow the longer login format on:

Follow the shorter login format abc12345 on Peppi:

General instructions for use of platforms

Study counselling and completing studies

Open University staff ( is happy to give you guidance on study-related matters. Contact your teacher if you have questions about how you can complete courses.

Attendance requirement

Studying at Uniarts Helsinki requires an active attendance in teaching. The attendance requirement for courses is usually 80–100 % of teaching. If needed, your teacher can provide more detailed attendance instructions. On a case-by-case basis and with the permission of the teacher some absence may be compensated for by additional self-study compensatory assignments. If the student is absent for more than half of the teaching, it is not possible to complete the course even through additional assignments.


After your study right has been confirmed, you are insured for accidents that occur during practical teaching. Read more about student accident insurance here.

Regulations and rules of conduct

Read the rules and regulations of Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University on our website here.

Accessing classrooms and key tags

If you have been informed in your course letter that you need a key tag to access the classroom, please read the instructions below on how to collect it.

Key tags are only issued to the building where the course is taught. Key tags cannot be issued if you participate in an online course or a course where access to the classroom has been organized in another way.

Key tags are handed out at the building’s information desk. Please note that it takes a while to get the tag and that the info desk may be busy.

Bring your official photo ID with you when you pick up your key tag. The tag can be picked up two weeks before the start of the course at the earliest. The key tag is valid only for the duration of the course and must be returned to the information point when the course is over.

Töölö campus (Sibelius Academy)

The Music Centre key tag can be picked up during opening hours at the Music Centre Sibelius Academy info desk (Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C) and the tag for the N and R buildings from either the N-building (Nervanderinkatu 13) or the R-building (Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9).

The key tag can be picked up without a separate order on weekdays between 9-15.

If you are unable to pick up your key tag at the above time, you must order it in advance by email. Pre-orders take about 2 working days (excluding vacation periods) to process. During evenings the key tags for the Töölö campus are only given out at the R building (N and R building key tags) and the M building (M building key tag).

Order your key tag for the R, N or M building at Mention your name, the name of the course and the classroom(s), when placing your order. You will receive a confirmation email when your key tag is ready.

Sörnäinen campus (Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy)

The key tag for the Theatre Academy main building Kookos (Haapaniemenkatu 6) can be picked up at the Theatre Academy info desk. Instructions for accessing classrooms in the Mylly-building (Academy of Fine Arts, Sörnäisten Rantatie 19) are provided in the course letter.

Seinäjoki unit

Instructions for accessing classrooms in the Seinäjoki unit are provided in the course letter.

Library services and printing

You can visit any of the Uniarts Helsinki libraries to acquire a Uniarts Helsinki library card. More information is available on the library website.

E-resources (e-books, e-magazines etc.) are available for everyone on the customer computers in the libraries. Open University students can also access e-resources remotely (requires Uniarts login).

If you need to print or copy course materials on campus, you can purchase printing credit by using the Lataamo service (requires Uniarts login). Printing on campus is only possible during the opening hours of the facility.

Season event ticket

Students at Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University may attend performances at the Sibelius Academy’s and Theater Academy’s own facilities free of charge by using a season ticket. Exhibitions in the Academy of Fine Arts’ own galleries are always free of charge.

The season ticket is given at the information desks at Uniarts Helsinki after showing proof of your valid study right. You can prove your study right by showing the approval email for the Open University course.

Study and material fees

You will receive an email message when the online form for course fees becomes available. You can pay the course fee (€15/credit) with a credit card or via online bank transfer. 

If the course has a material fee, they are paid at the same time as the course fees or charged separately afterwards based on the materials that are used on the course.

Credits and transcript of records

Submit course-related assignments by the deadline notified by the teacher. You cannot complete assignments after your right to study has expired.

Once your studies have been evaluated, you can download an official, electronically verified transcript of records from the student information system Peppi by clicking “Certificates of studies”. The transcript may be downloaded in Finnish, Swedish or English. Watch the instructional video for downloading the transcript on Youtube. You may also check your completed studies in the national My Studyinfo service.  

Print all the necessary transcripts of records from Peppi in good time before your right to study expires. After expiration, you may request a transcript of records by sending a message to

Course feedback and contact information

After you have completed a study unit, you will be asked to fill in an online feedback form. Answers are used for developing the content of teaching and studies.

Students can also send feedback concerning Open University services and studies by email to the Open University.

Email to contact the staff of Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University.