Production storage and loans at the Theatre Academy

What are the loan principles for productions and students after graduation.

In which cases productions can be stored?

Productions of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy may be stored for a fixed period in the below-listed cases. The possibility of storage arrangements is agreed in production meetings and with the support service personnel for artistic work before the take-down of the production

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree production

  • A production (BA & MA) that has been defined as a touring production in the curriculum or the study unit involves performances outside of the Theatre Academy. 
  • In 2020–2025, these productions include:
    • Degree Programme in Acting (3rd-year students): Monologit
    • Master’s Degree Programme in Acting: Lavat auki
    • Degree Programme in Acting in Swedish: Skärgårdsteatern
    • Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Performance: TADaC  

Another curriculum-based production

Another curriculum-based production can be stored if the production has been invited to a festival or a venue before the production’s take-down. The working group must compile a technical rider on the production as a whole, with information on the storage needs, before the take-down. 

An MA production or an artistic component for Tutke

  • The working group has a plan for carrying out a performance visit outside the Theatre Academy.
  • During the production period at the Theatre Academy, the working group must present the following to the support service personnel for artistic work:  
    • a plan for applying to be part of a programme of a theatre / performance venue/ festival etc. and a plan presenting acquired funding or a plan for applying for funding for the visit 
    • a technical rider on the production as a whole and information on what is needed from the Theatre Academy.  
  • The working group must confirm the visit or request for extra storage time within 4 months of the take-down. If a visit has not been agreed upon within the due date, the set design, props and wardrobe are taken down and become available for the use of other productions. The storage period can be extended for a max. period of 1 year from the premiere. 

Please note! The Theatre Academy does not loan weapons, chandeliers or taxidermy for visits. In principle, technical aspects of a production are managed with the equipment of the venue where the visit takes place. Organising of warm-up rehearsals for productions at the Theatre Academy is always agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Staff members of the Theatre Academy may participate in the visit but staff participation and related costs are always agreed upon separately. 

Loan principles for productions that have not been stored and when the student has already graduated 

Set, props and costume loans for visits are always agreed upon on a case-by-case basis if the student has already graduated. The departments only loan the same sets, props and costumes that were used in the original productions earlier performances. If the items are being used or stored by another production, the academy does not loan other items as substitutes. If students need to loan something, they can contact the department in question.

The Theatre Academy does not contribute to the payment of transport, material or salary expenses related to these visits or take care of the wardrobe or transport of items. Loans must be returned in good condition.