Enrolment for a classical music instruments and voice performance exam

Information about how to apply classical music performance exam

Registration timetable 

You must submit the registration form in the Taito channel no later than 8 weeks before the date of your artistic level performance examination.

During holidays, registration will not progress; holidays extend the processing period for registrations. Also see the instructions regarding cancelling your examination on this page.

Enrolment time for Early music and Church music examinations is 6 weeks. If the artistic performance examination is held outside the Sibelius Academy (e.g. in a church), you must register for the examination at least 4 weeks in advance. The chairman convenes the examination board.

Repertoire and approval of repertoire details

When you register, you must submit both the repertoire you will perform in the level performance examination and the repertoire rehearsed for this completion. Use the ”repertoire rehearsed” form, which your teacher must then check and sign. Please note that you do not need to fill in this form for performance examinations on string instruments or piano.

Enter the name of the person approving your repertoire details on the form.

  • Professor or chairperson of the examination board: Level A, B and C performance examinations (Piano C: own teacher). The names of the chairpersons of the examination boards can be found in the examination board decisions below. Your own teacher cannot primarly approve your exam repertoire. Please see the exceptions below
  • Teacher: Level D and below; in piano, level C and below. 

When you have submitted your registration form, the person approving the form will check your repertoire details, and if there is nothing to remark on in the details you submitted, producer services will confirm your examination date and time within two weeks of your registration. If there is something to remark on in your repertoire details, the approver will contact you, and you will then need to submit a new and revised registration.

If your performance forms part of a proficiency demonstration for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, then a planning officer will verify that you have completed the necessary prerequisites. Check the Study Guide to see whether this level performance examination forms part of a proficiency demonstration in your case.

Examination boards 2022-2023 (in Finnish)

Repertoire lists

The repertoire list is an instrument-specific list of repertoires suitable for the artistic modules. You will find repertoire lists here below. Descriptions for level performances, demonstrations of proficiency, and other course descriptions may be found here (the University of the Arts Helsinki’s study guide).

Find repertoire lists here

Program leaflet 

You must submit the text for the programme leaflet for your performance with your registration if that text constitutes your maturity essay for your Master’s degree. Check the guidelines for your instrument here.

You yourself are responsible for creating and printing out the programme leaflet for the audience.

Examination dates and additional examination dates

Select the examination date of your choice in the instrument-specific timetable before filling in the form. You can check current availability in the additional information in the Peppi room booking calendar. Remember to also check the additional information about the reservation. 

Please note that for some instruments, there are no predetermined examination dates; these must be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Examination dates for autumn 2023

Orchestral instruments

Woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone)

Woodwinds A x 3
13.11.2023 15–22.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)
20.11.2023 15–22.30* R Concert hall (R-KS)

Woodwinds BC x 3
21.11.2023 15–21 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
28.11.2023 15–21 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Brass instruments

Brass ABCD x 3
7.11.2023 15–20.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)
21.11.2023 15–20.30* R Concert hall (R-KS)
28.11.2023 15–20.30* R Concert hall (R-KS)

Partial performance (e.g. scales, etudes, orchestral repertoire) x 3
30.10.2023 15–20.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)
6.11.2023 15–20.30 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
13.11.2023 15–20.30 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)


Exam date is agreed with Antti Rislakki (teacher in charge)


Exam date is agreed with Päivi Severeide (teacher in charge)

String instruments

Note! String instruments will register in the Taito channel via different form (pilot for string instruments continues autumn 2023)

Violin A x 2
16.11.2023 12–16 R Concert hall (R-KS)
23.11.2023 12–16* R Concert hall (R-KS)
30.11.2023 12–16* R Concert hall (R-KS)

Violin BC x 2
14.11.2023 11–14 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
28.11.2023 11–14 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Cello A x 2
15.11.2023 12–16 R Concert hall (R-KS)
29.11.2023 12–16* R Concert hall (R-KS)

Cello B x 2
16.11.2023 12–15 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
27.11.2023 12–15 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Viola and double bass ABCD x 4
6.11.2023 15–21 R Concert hall (R-KS)
27.11.2023 15–21* R Concert hall (R-KS)

Other instruments

Early music, accordion and kantele exam date is agreed with head of the jury. Guitar exam date is agreed with head of the jury and teacher. Organ exam date is agreed with head of the jury and teacher in the department of Church Music.

Vocal music

Voice performance A x 2
17.11.2023 17–20 R Concert hall (R-KS)
24.11.2023 17–20* R Concert hall (R-KS)
1.12.2023 klo 17–20* R Concert hall (R-KS)
5.12.2023 klo 17–20 R Concert hall (R-KS) – Note! A and B levels

Voice performance B x 2
15.11.2023 17–20 R Concert hall (R-KS)
23.11.2023 17–20* R Concert hall (R-KS)
29.11.2023 17–20* R Concert hall (R-KS)
5.12.2023 klo 17–20 R Concert hall (R-KS) – Note! A and B levels

Voice performance CD x 3
14.11.2023 17–20 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
20.11.2023 18–21 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
27.11.2023 17–20 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)


Piano A x 2
24.11.2023 12–16.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)
1.12.2023 12–16.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)
5.12.2023 11–15.30 R Concert hall (R-KS)

Piano B x 2
23.11.2023 12–15.30 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
29.11.2023 12–15.30 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
8.12.2023 11–14.30 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Piano CD x 4
20.11.2023 12–17 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
30.11.2023 12–17 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Chamber music

*Level performances requiring harpsichord accompaniment, including B levels. Level C performances with harpsichord accompaniment are placed separately in the Pikkusali or NK-55, it is not possible to bring a harpsichord into the Chamber music hall.

Additional examination dates

All levels | 12.9.2023 10–22 Camerata
Level A | 19.9.2023 11–22 R Concert hall (R-KS)
Level BCD | 20.9.2023 11–22 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)
Level A | 1.11.2023 11–22 R Concert hall (R-KS)
Level BCD | 2.11.2023 11–22 R Chamber music hall (R-KMS)

Additional examination dates for students in the Faculty of Classical Music are provided at the beginning of each semester. If you wish to complete an artistic performance examination on one of these dates, you must yourself contact the chairperson of the examination board and convene the examination board under the direction of the chairperson. Remember to register as usual through the Taito channel. Notify Jutta Aalto at jutta.aalto@uniarts.fi of the composition of the examination board. Level performance examinations shall principally be booked on the instrument-specific examination dates.

Rehearsal room bookings 

On the registration form in the Taito channel, suggest a rehearsal time suitable for you from the rehearsal times given in the Peppi room booking calendar. Check current availability in Peppi (see also the additional information). For further information, go to  siba.helpilmo@uniarts.fi

  • Level A performance examination: 2 x the duration of the programme 
  • Level A performance examination with orchestra: 4 x the duration of the programme 
  • Level B, C and D performance examinations: 1 x the duration of the programme 

Amplification and instruments requiring a booking e.g. harpsichord and portative organ

If your performance includes works requiring a sound system, remember to mention this in your registration.

If your examination involves a harpsichord or portative organ, always contact personally Annamari Pölhö (annamari.polho@uniarts.fi) first to agree on its use and booking. Apart from the instrument, hall and time please inform Annamari, whether you need the instrument in 415 Hz or 442 Hz. Essential information is also, whether your keyboard player can tune the instrument; if not, your own Department should pay for it. 

Annamari is informing the porters and the stage management team of the transports. 

If your concert or recital gets cancelled, please let Annamari know asap.

When registering in the Taito channel for the artistic performance examinations, please mention your need for harpsichord / portative organ as well as the tuning (415/442 Hz). The instrument transports are basically organised on the examination weeks.

A harpsichord and a positive organ are available for level performance examinations and concerts at the R Building (concert hall and small hall), at the N Building (rooms N-K48 and N-K55) and at the Music Centre (Camerata and Organo).Level A and B performance examinations where a harpsichord is required shall be given in the concert hall at the R Building in a predetermined level performance examination block (two weeks each semester). Level C or D performance examinations must be booked in the small hall or in N-K55. A harpsichord cannot be brought into the chamber music hall at the R Building.

Examination orchestra and Chamber music in level performance examination

S-IO15 Examination orchestra or choir:

Exam orchestra credits can be earned in case the musicians will not be paid. The credits can be between 0,5 and 2 points, depending on the work’s difficulty, length and the amount of rehearsals and rehearsal hours. 

The exam performer must ask from the musicians who wants to get credits.

The credits for this course can only be awarded once during the course of your studies! The musician must check themselves if they have already had the credits as this code.

The examiner will coordinate and notify the students planner who wish to receive points via the form below.

When planning the schedule for your degree, always make sure that your project does not overlap with orchestral activities! Contact the orchestra office well in advance to clarify schedules:
– Márta Schmidt +358504723178, marta.schmidt@uniarts.fi
– Anna Rombach +358407104333, anna.rombach@uniarts.fi

S-Y22 Chamber music in level performance examination

Students can earn 0,5 credits by playing a chamber music work in an examination.

The student cannot use the same program in the level performance examination that is used in the chamber music performance examination. A student that is performing the level performance examination cannot have also the chamber music performance examination credits. (Student cannot earn twice the credits by playing the same program).

Chamber music group that have lessons on the same semester, can do at the same time a chamber music performance examination performance. Enrolment for an examination is done by Taito channel at least 6 weeks before the exam date.

Recording your performance

Persons who are familiar with using recording equipment may make a recording themselves. The concert hall attendant will help with the recording as required in public level performance exams (A and B levels).


Public level performance examinations (A and B levels) held at the Sibelius Academy will be in the Uniarts event calendar, and no other notice to communications is needed. If the concert is held at the Music Centre, the concert will also be in the Music Centre website automatically. 

If your concert is held in a venue outside the Sibelius Academy (such as a church) and you would like your concert to be in the events calendar, please fill in this form.

If copyrighted music is played in your public level performance examination concert (levels A and B), you must submit a notification to siba@teosto.fi. Reporting is important because royalties are channeled to music creators. The notification may be free-form, but it must state the following: the time of the concert, the venue of the concert, and the works performed.

In principle, the student is responsible for the purchase of sheet music. If you are arranging sheet music or otherwise require an agreement with the publisher (e.g. you are performing only part of the score), please contact the publisher yourself to confirm the rights and fees for the performance and arrangement of the work.

If your examination is cancelled  

  1. In case of a cancellation, first inform your own teacher, other performers and send a message to <>; the notification will be forwarded to the examination board members. NOTE! You may postpone or cancel your performance for reasons other than illness no later than 6 weeks before the examination date. 
  2. Book a new date with producer services at  siba.helpilmo@uniarts.fi.  
  3. If necessary, register by submitting a new performance examination form in the Taito portal. If your repertoire does not change and you have cancelled your performance according to paragraph 1, your previous registration remains valid and you do not need to fill in a new form. 

Further information on arranging a level performance examination

In case of any questions related to arranging a level performance examination, please contact  siba.helpilmo@uniarts.fi