Praise a friend: read the praises and send yours

Praise a Friend campaign, students and staff can share and thank their colleagues who have made a positive influence on the learning and working atmosphere.

Praise of the week:

Thank you, Jennifer Moir, for caring for the student wellbeing and for your warm and positive appearance and communication.

Hey, you are cute and important! remember that 🙂

Iida, you are a wonderful person, and you are inspiring, beautiful with a vibrant spirit! Stay strong and keep on swimming!

Thank you Frank Brümmel for your exceptional support and guidance and sweet spirit. You are a gentle soul and your presence is soothing.

Thank you Jennifer Moir and all the lovely people in Whole Singer – you rock!!!

Thank you Seija Suontausta for your friendliness and helpfulness. Your smiles brighten up the days of many and your hard work is appreciated!

Praise a friend -campaign

Examples and praises can be submitted using a Surveypal form. The stories will be published anonymously unless the announcer of the praise or example wishes otherwise. The stories are shared every Friday at Artsi and at information screens. The campaign will be fulfilled in both English and Finnish. Praises can be general, for all staff and students or targeted at particular people. The campaign runs till 30 of April.