Master’s thesis project plan at the Theatre Academy

You can download the thesis project plan for a Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama / Dance / Art and Design) degree on this page. Submit the plan to the designated planning officer of your degree programme.

You should discuss the topic, objectives, research questions, structure, approach, examiners and publicity of your thesis project with the professor of your programme or with a teacher designated by the professor.  

Compile a thesis project plan

Compile a thesis project plan and submit it to the planning officer of your degree or master’s programme. Thesis project plans are approved by the professor of the programme. The thesis project plan should describe the topic of both the artistic and the written component as well as the completion method and schedule of your thesis project. You must also include the names of your thesis supervisors and examiners in the plan. You must complete the thesis project plan before carrying out your artistic work. 

Using a Mac computer

If you are using a Mac computer, please fill in your thesis project plan template using the Adobe Acrobat software. The Esikatselu/Preview programme, which comes with Mac computers, does open the document and allows you to fill in the document, but the information is not saved correctly. All computers in VÄS and Kookos cad/IT classrooms have Adobe Acrobat installed, and you can also download the programme for free here.