Sibafest 2024

The main event of Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy, Sibafest, will take over the Helsinki Music Centre on 26–27 January 2024. Sibafest marks the beginning of a year that will offer nearly a thousand concerts.

Sibafest celebrates each and every one of us

During the festival, both the audience and the academy staff have the opportunity to participate in concerts, open rehearsals, panel discussions, and workshops at the Helsinki Music Centre.

On Friday, 26 January, all teaching and work at the Sibelius Academy will revolve around Sibafest. The events of the festival that are taking place in the Sibelius Academy’s tower are aimed exclusively at the academy’s students and staff.

Workshops, concerts, and discussions will continue on Saturday, 27 January, when all events are open to the public, too.

Four main activities at Sibafest


  • All students visit other departments by participating short workshops during Friday and Saturday twice.
  • All departments open their doors and offer an open teaching moment for everyone interested (students, teachers, other staff). There are also open rehearsals for the symphony orchestra and opera production.
  • Friday’s teaching is part of Sibafest!
  • Department decides what they wish to provide. lf possible, learning through practical means, by doing. max length 45 min.
  • Circle will be held at the Musiikkitalo in the Siba tower and all the Siba halls.
  • Workshops that are at Music Centre facilities are open for public. Workshops at Siba’s facilities are closed for public

Opening the secrets

We invite the departments, teachers, lecturers and professors to provide a topic for collegial discussions.

During the festival, you can showcase aspects of your own department’s approach to music and pedagogy, new inventions and best practices. You can also, present your research and invite others to discuss your topic.

Presentations and panel discussions will be open to the public as well. You can propose a 60-minute presentation; send an email to:

Concert representing Departments and diversity

Numerous concerts proposed by departments and students will be featured. Many of these concerts are also related to the themes of the workshops or discussions taking place at Sibafest – opening up the artistic working process to the audience and colleagues.

Registration for internal workshops is open

Explore a different aesthetic! Play, chat, participate, tell, show! During the festival, we build networks, get inspired and gather new influences.

The festival offers a rich selection of workshops where each department of the academy is represented one way or another.


Friday, January 26

You can view zoomable version of the schedule by clicking this link

  • Discover the work in the electronic music studios, mixing, recording, and music technology, 11 am, 12 pm and 1 pm Erkki S1111
  • Visit a mu­sic les­son!, 11 am 12 pm, Camerata
  • Kantele improvisation workshop, at 3pm and 4pm, S7101
  • The Recorder guru: Eero Saunamäki, klo 12-12.45 pm, Organo
  • Making music with a looping machine, 11 am and 1 pm, S6104
  • Hanurista! – open class, at 11 am and 13 pm,  S7114
  • Welcome to the Le nozze di Figaro rehearsals!, 11-11.45, 12-12.45, 13-13.45 Sonore
  • Coffee with the Vice Deans at 12 pm (suomeksi) and 2 pm, S4109
  • Doctorate from Siba, 12 pm, Auditorio
  • Room of discussion, 11 pm and 1 pm, S3101
  • Mustarastas – Kantele meditations 12 pm and 1 pm, S1105
  • Guitar class open doors – welcome to follow the lessons, 1 pm and 2pm, S7101
  • Inside piano’s jaws – extended techniques, 1pm, Camerata
  • Improvisation in Early Music: Anthony Marini, 1-1.45 pm, Organo
  • Groove workshop, 1 pm and 2 pm, S5104
  • Folk Singing Jam, 1 pm and 2 pm, S7104 
  • Open violin lessons, 2 pm and 3 pm, S6104
  • Can you hear a painting?, 2 pm, Auditorium
  • Ground Workshop, 2-2.45 pm, Organo
  • Move and Groove workshop, 2 pm and 3 pm, S1105 Dance studio
  • Open lied class, klo 2-4 pm, Camerata
  • Servant of Two Masters – Musician as Actor: Elina Mustonen, klo 3-3.45 pm, Organo
  • Mu­sic can tran­scend cul­tural bar­ri­ers and bring peo­ple to­gether in har­mony – Global Mu­sic stu­dents’ visit to Jor­dan at 3pm, Auditorio
  • Avant-garde workshop, 3pm and 4 pm, S5104
  • Open class – Copland’s El Salón Mexico, 3–6 pm, S7115 
  • Engaging the senses in learning a new piece, 4–4.45 pm, S7104
  • How to create music content on social media, 4pm, S6104
  • Research-based teaching projects for music educators, 4pm, S7114

Saturday, January 27

  • Take a peek behind the scenes of the Symphony Orchestra, 10:45–11:30 am, Lower foyer
  • Come and see the three historic organs in Organo!, 11 am and 12 pm, Organo
  • Introduction of the concert kantele, 12 pm, Pikkusali, R-talo
  • Karakatum, 1 and 2 pm, Lower foyer
  • Impro opera, 1 pm, Organo
  • The large orchestra of Nth Instruments, 6 pm, Lower foyer

Other activities at Sibafest

  • Vote the Sibelius Academy’s Person of the Year
  • Opening event at Agora hall on January 26
  • Siba’s speed dating – who would you like to meet
  • Visit the event square at Agora hall, enjoy musical presentations, meet people from services, joking with a moustachioed janitor
  • Interested in getting to the gigs? Primo, the Sibelius Academy’s programme service, will introduce itself and answer your questions from 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16 at Siba tower.
  • Liisa’s Yoga for Musicians Moments for everyone, suitable for anybody, 12, 12.30, 1 and 1.30 pm on Friday at Agora
  • Come and meet the producers, on Friday S4103
  • You have something to say, or to ask? Come to have a cup of coffee at the room of discussions! The topics change every hour. You can also suggest your own topic:
  • Join the closing jam session on Saturday, January 27th. Come to perform or meet people from different departments!

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26.1.2024 – 27.1.2024


Helsinki Music Centre

Töölönlahdenkatu 16

00100 Helsinki

More information

  • Merja Rajala

    Lecturer, GLOBAL MUSIC (instrumental studies), GLOBAL MUSIC (vocal studies), GLOBAL MUSIC (composition), Global music, Sibelius Academy

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