Grants for students of Academy of Fine Arts

As a student at the Academy of Fine Arts, you can apply for the Foundation’s student grant, a materials grant or a thesis grant.

Students of the Academy of Fine Arts can be granted three different grants: Foundation’s student grant, Academy of Fine Arts’ materials grant and a thesis grant. 

Grants will be primarily awarded for bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. 

No grants will be awarded for remunerations or daily allowances. The grounds for and limitations of awarding a grant are described in more detail under each grant. 

The University of the Arts Helsinki Foundation’s grant

For whom: Academy of Fine Arts students progressing in their studies within the normative study time will be prioritised. For others, the grant must contribute to the completion of their studies. Purpose of application: Primarily forpurposes related to bachelor’s or master’s degree studies. The next student grant application period is from December 4, 2023 to January 22, 2024. The application is to be submitted through the Aspicore grant system.


Academy of Fine Arts’ materials grants

Attending bachelor’s and master’s degree students and exchange students can apply for this grant. You can apply for a materials grant for the following purposes: bachelor-level or master-level students’ independent artistic work and Praxis master’s programme students’ curatorial projects.

You can apply for a grant via an electronic form below. Please read instructions carefully on the application. More detailed application times will be sent via students emailing list.

Bachelor’s and master’s thesis grants

One can apply for the Academy of Fine Arts’ bachelor’s and master’s thesis grant to cover costs arising from creating the thesis. One cannot use the thesis grant to cover general living expenses. Grants are paid two times a year, in the autumn and in the spring. Applying periods will be informed via e-mail separately.