Grants for Theatre Academy students

How and for what purpose can I apply for the Theatre Academy’s grant.

The Theatre Academy will award grants to its students each year. The principle for awarding grants takes the equal treatment of students in different degree programme into consideration. 

The University of Arts Helsinki Foundation Grant

Uniarts Helsinki grants funding for the students of Theatre Academy to support learning. The application period for grants is from 28 November 2022 to 23 January 2023 at 4pm. Grants are awarded to support learning and only for activities that produce credits. The Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki grants may be applied for by enrolled undergraduate and doctoral students. You may apply for the funding either as an individual or as a group.

  • Each party that awards grants (degree programme, unit or dean) may award between € 100 and € 1,000 in grants per student or academic year. 
  • Grants may also be awarded to groups. In this case, the amount of money is 100–1000 euros multiplied by the number of group members.
  • A student may be awarded a maximum of one Foundation grant per degree (Bachelor, Master, Doctor). Earlier grant by the dean, unit or degree programme and its worth will be regarded in the decision, if it was granted during the same degree, to which the student now applies funding for.
  • Grants are awarded to support learning. Grants will only be awarded for purposes that produce ECTS credits. 
  • Grants are not awarded on social or health grounds, or for purposes promoting them.


You may be awarded a grant for the following purposes: 

  • internships in Finland or abroad 
  • Studying abroad 
  • Attending a course, seminar, conference, etc., in Finland or abroad (travelling, accommodation and participation costs) 

Grants will not be awarded for: 

  • studying abroad with an Erasmus or Nordplus grant 
  • daily allowances, food costs, etc. 
  • production costs related to artistic work 
  • participating in teaching, seminars or conferences organised by Uniarts Helsinki 
  • projects that are already finished 
  • for an applicant who has received a significant grant from the dean, degree programme or unit during the current degree
  • for an applicant who has received a Theatre Academy’s grant, but have not delivered a written report on how it was used. 

The grant must be used by the end of the year in which it was granted.

The university has the right to recover a grant paid to you if it has been used for another purpose or you have not provided a report on its use. After the grant has been awarded, you may use it for another purpose if you provide a justification (e.g., a course has been cancelled) by getting a separate decision from the Foundation representative, by contacting

Work placement

The Theatre Academy will primarily support compulsory work placements and will distribute grants equitably based on the applicants’ funding plans. The grants are compensatory in nature and aim to balance the economic inequality due to different situations and tasks.

Grants will not usually be granted to traineeships in theatres within the scope of the Theatres Act, as the Finnish trade unions in dance and theatre have reached a collective agreement with the Association of Finnish Theatres on trainee salaries.

Studies abroad 

Grants will primarily be granted for studies abroad that are not eligible for any other international grants, such as an Erasmus or Nordplus grant. 

Applying for a grant

In your application, you must state the intended purpose of the funding, a schedule and a detailed cost estimate for the project. If you are applying for a grant for work placement, also state the amounts of your wages or remuneration or any other type of financial assistance you have been granted for the work placement. 

After the application period has ended, we will request a statement from a professor or the professor responsible for doctoral studies in your degree programme or master’s programme. 

Guidelines for reporting the use of the grant

Deliver a written report (1 or 2 pages + appendices) on the use of the grant in PDF format to three months after the project has been realised, at the latest. 

The report is free form, but you should comment on at least: 

  • for what purpose has the grant been used 
  • what you have learned, your insights and/or new skills 
  • reflection on how the project has supported your growth as an artist 

Attach to your report (the same PDF file) all receipts and documents concerning expenses paid with the grant. It is especially important to deliver receipts of conference participation fees, course fees and travel tickets. If you have been awarded a grant for, for example, a student exchange, you do not have to submit each grocery store receipt. 

Decisions and payment of grants

The decisions are made in February – March. The applicants will be informed of the decisions by email. The Foundation has an obligation to report all the awarded grants to the tax authorities. Read more information concerning the taxation of grants.

More information: 

The University of Arts Helsinki Foundation Scholarships for students who graduate within a normative study time

In 2023, the Foundation will also continue to support graduates who complete their degree within a certain normative time that has been set for their specific degree. Graduation scholarships will be awarded without a separate application in June graduation ceremony.  

Grants awarded by the Theatre Academy’s degree programmes

You can ask your programme’s planning officer about the grants awarded by your degree programme.