Peppi instructions: booking facilities

How to reserve rooms and check availability.

Check availability of rooms

There is a a separate search option “Check availability or rooms” that can be used for searching for available rooms. You can select a location and a room type and then make a reservation.

To make the reservation, click the available time for the space you wish to reserve, and then fill in the required fields in the reservation form that pops up and save the reservation.

Remember to check the more detailed reservation guidelines and other information by moving the cursor over the lock. The locked lock icon means that you don’t have the rights to book the room.

If you want to make a reservation for a specific time, you can search for a room using “search rooms” option in the calendar display.

Making a reservation

There are two ways that you can select a room:

  1. If you know the room you want to reserve beforehand, you can write the name or the code in the “Rooms” field. You have to write at least the first three characters of the name or the code
  2. Alternatively, you can search for a suitable room by clicking the “Search rooms” option, after which a window pops up so that you can search for rooms that meet your criteria or for rooms listed under each location.

You can add other participants to the reservation in the “Other participants” field. This way, the participants will see the reservation in their own Peppi calendar.

To make a reservation, select the time period that suits you in the calendar.

Fill in the required fields (topic) in the reservation form that pops up. Save the reservation. Check that the reservation status is “Published”.

How to make a reservation to a specific time:

  • Drag the cursor and select the right day and hours in the calendar.
  • Click the “Search rooms” option in the reservation window that pops up.      
  • Select the right location or locations and the room type, for example. Do not uncheck the “The room is available during the selected time” option. This way, the system will only search for rooms that are unbooked and available for reservation.
  • Select one of the available rooms by clicking the “+” sign.                   
  • Fill in the required fields (topic) in the reservation form that pops up and save the reservation. Check that the reservation status is Published.


You can read more info on the room and the detailed reservation guidelines by moving the cursor over the name of the room in the “Rooms” box. The locked lock icon means that you don’t have the rights to book the room.

The rooms that you have selected in your previous session will stay selected, so unselect the rooms that are unnecessary.

You can edit the reservation by opening it and clicking “Edit” and delete the reservation by clicking “Delete”.

You can change the settings of the calendar on the right side of the page, and for example check or uncheck the “Show weekends” box.

Meeting times

Teachers and other university staff can add student meeting times to students. Students can enroll in meetings available in the “Meeting times” view. At the same time, the meetings appear as reservations for the student’s own Peppi calendar.

The available meeting times can be found by going to “Reservations” and by clicking the “Meeting times”.

If you have meeting times available, you can see them by clicking on the name of the person who created the meeting.

To book a meeting for yourself you can click “Make reservations”. In the view that opens, you can write a message, which will be saved in the booking information and also appears in the Peppi calendar of the person who created the meeting.

Confirm your participation by clicking “attending”.

Tips for mobile use

Peppi is recommended to use primarily by a computer, because Peppi is not optimized for mobile use.The mobile friendly version of Peppi will be launched in spring 2020. If you want to make reservations already by using your mobile device, these tips may be useful:

General tips:

  • When using Peppi for the first time, make reservations by a computer. When you have learned first thel logic of making the reservations by using a bigger device, the mobile use is easier.
  • The bigger the device, the easier to make the reservations. E.g. Ipad or a tablet works better than a phone.
  • Allow the device to show the view in vertical and horizontal positions. Horizontal position is useful when you want to see e.g. the week view of the calendar. The vertical position is better when filling in the details of the reservation (resevation form).
  • The calendar view can be modified by using the Settings/Actions button and Month/Week/Day buttons above the calendar view.
  • If you want to make reservation for a certain day, change the view for day view. If you want to book rooms only for weekdays, take of the Show weekends selection.
  • In the calendar settings you can set the hours that are shown in your calendar. E.g. if you tend to practice normally between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. you can set the daily view of the hours accordingly.

Tips for filling in the resevation form:

  • When you want to change the date or the hours on the reservation form, press the date/hours view long enough. This help you to keep the selected window “open”.
  • When choosing the hours, use the arrows above and below the hours view, the arrows work better than scrolling the hours.
  • Zooming the view as big as possible e.g. when saving the the form helps you to press the right buttons.