Peppi instructions: Scheduling tool

Plan your own student schedule. Remember, however, that the Scheduling tool isn’t used for course registration.

How to start

Go to the address Change to the English version of the page and click “Login”.

Start by creating a template for a new schedule. Select “Schedule manager” and then “Create a new schedule”. Write a name for your schedule and click “save”. You can make your new schedule the default schedule by clicking on the small “v” icon and then “Choose as default schedule”.

Add content

Next up, you can start adding content to your schedule. Select “Calendar” in the top menu and choose the right schedule. You can search for courses using the name or ID of the course unit. Your choices will be automatically saved to the schedule that you’ve selected.

You can use the “Group search” function and search for the schedule of your own degree programme or department to see all the courses available within the group. For the time being, this function is only available within some of the degree programmes. Alternatively, you can search for courses using the group ID and hand-pick the courses that you want to include in your own schedule.

Viewing your schedule

You can view your schedule one day, week or month at a time.

Once you’ve updated your schedule with the courses that you are definitely planning to complete, you can use the “free period search”. This will help you to find out what classes are available during hours that are still available in your schedule.  

Highlight the hours that are available in your schedule. You can define how long your free period is and also choose a location from the menu.

You can hide a course by clicking it and selecting “Hide event”. You can view the hidden courses by clicking “Show hidden events”.

You can delete courses from your schedule by going to “My courses”.

Exporting your timetable into your own calendar

Log in to Scheduling tool by using your uniarts username and password. Create your own schedule or search for the courses you want to add to your calendar. A teacher can search for his/her own courses by choosing the search options “Course unit search” and “Teacher name” and typing his/her own name to the search field. You can search also for other courses by choosing the search options “Course unit search” and “Name or ID” and typing the name or code of the course to the search field. Add the courses to your calendar by clicking the “Add” button next to the course. 

Once you have created your desired timetable, you can export your booking information to your own electronic calendar (e.g iCal or Google) as follows:

  1. Sign in to the Scheduling tool -service
  2. Select the desired timetable in the top menu by clicking “selected schedule”
  3. Click “My courses” on the top menu
  4. In the view that opens, select “Share calendar” and copy the calendar address
  5. Then add this address to the calendar service you are using (e.g iCal or Google)

The booking information will be transferred to the calendar once and will not be updated automatically if the information on the booking in Peppi changes. However, some calendar applications (if the user defines it) allow you to reload the calendar at the desired frequency for instance every week.