Project grant

The Sibelius Academy Foundation awards grants to promote strategic projects of Sibelius Academy students and teaching staff. With the grants, the Foundation wishes to increase the effectiveness and recognition of the Sibelius Academy's activities nationally and internationally.

Grant applications are accepted between 6 May 2024 and 30 November 2024. Grant decisions are made three times during the application period, and funding is granted until the funds are used up. The application is made in the Aspicore online service. All applicants will be notified of the decision by email.

Who can apply for a project grant?

Attending Sibelius Academy’s degree students (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students), Junior Academy students and staff.

The primary application for students is the student grant application and only in exceptional cases can one apply in the project grant application process.

The grant can also be applied for a department, for example, but in this case, the application must be made in collaboration with the head of the department. If the applicant is not the department head, the application must be accompanied by a statement from the department head, in which they indicate their support for the project.

For what purpose can one apply for a grant?

The grant project must increase the impact of the Sibelius Academy’s activities and benefit the Academy’s teaching, research or artistic activities. You can apply for a grant for new strategic initiatives, events or other one-off costs, which include, for example, fees, space or technology costs, publication costs, etc.

Project grants have previously been directed to e.g. significant anniversary celebrations of departments or public projects, cooperation projects of the Academy’s international strategic partners and concerts with societal impact.

The decisions on grants are made based on the dean’s discretion. The decisions are also influenced by the regulations of the foundation´s funds. If you want to make sure whether your own project is eligible for application, please contact Foundation Officer Anni Pokki.

What is the difference between project grants and student grants?

Project grants are primarily awarded for projects benefiting the university and the community, whereas student grants are primarily awarded for projects benefiting the individual (the student’s personal progress in studies).

For what purposes are project grants not awarded?

  • The university’s core activities
  • Living expenses
  • The purchase of instruments or equipment (e.g. a computer).
  • Research projects
  • Students’ salaries
  • Continuous or recurring activities

For what period can you apply for a grant?

Grants can be applied for projects and initiatives that take place between 31 May 2024, and 31 December 2025.

The deadlines for submitting applications are the following:

  • 31 May 2024
  • 30 September 2024
  • 30 November 2024

The grant decisions are made approximately two weeks after every application deadline. You cannot apply for a grant retroactively.

What is the maximum amount for the grant?

There is no limit to the amount to be applied for. As a rule, the grants are 1,000-5,000 euros. On a discretionary basis, larger grants can also be awarded.

How can I apply for a grant?

You can apply for a grant in the Aspicore grant system starting from 6 May 2024.

More information

Anni Pokki
Foundation Officer
050 476 69 61