Tuudo mobile app

Tuudo is a mobile appication which you can upload from App store/ Google Play.

About Tuudo

Tuudo allows you to access your study information and other services that make student’s life easier. You can also use your electronic library card and student card via Tuudo.

In the main menu, you can find all the different functions Tuudo provides. From the People and services -menu you can access the most important services and contact information of your institution. From the Settings you can change the appearance and language of the application as well as sign out. From the Contact Us -menu you can view frequently asked questions and send a message directly to the developers of Tuudo. You can also send an email to info@tuudo.fi or contact the team via Tuudo’s social media pages.

Front page

When you log in to Tuudo, you automatically access the front page where all of the key services Tuudo provides are listed: schedule, news feeds, job listings for students and the restaurant menu of your choice

Student ID

You can use your Tuudo student ID as your national student card. To access the student card view, click the card wallet icon in the top right corner of Tuudo’s side menu. Activate the ID by following the instructions in the view.

You can choose to attach an existing photo or take a new one. Take note that the photo cannot be changed immediately! Therefore, do not choose a photo from which you cannot be recognized.

The active ID has a recognizable portrait photo of you, your name, date of birth, institution, degree level and the validity period of the ID.

A small QR icon on the bottom right corner allows you to access more of your information, such as your student number. You can use the QR code to identify yourself at the self-service checkouts of student restaurants.

Library card

You can use Tuudo to download the digital library card.

Obtaining a new library card in Tuudo:

  1. Log in to Tuudo with your Uniarts credentials.
  2. Go to the Library page in Tuudo and click the Add Card link.
  3. Follow the instructions and fill in the requested information on the form, and you will have access to Tuudo’s library services.
  4. If you have previously obtained a physical library card, Tuudo’s digital library card will automatically be available when you log in to Tuudo with your Uniarts credentials and go to the Library page in Tuudo.

In Tuudo, you can view your loans and reservations and renew your loans. Additionally, you will receive notifications about due loans and arrived reservations. You can also find the opening hours and locations of the libraries in Tuudo.

You can’t use the Tuudo app to search for information, reserve materials, or pay fees. Use Arsca instead to handle these tasks.

If you encounter technical problems using Tuudo, contact the library or Tuudo’s user support by clicking the Contact Us button on Tuudo’s sidebar.


In the Studies-view you can find all of your study records, course search, as well as your on-going and coming-up courses. By using Tuudo you can register to up-coming courses and exams. You can follow courses and they will appear on your schedule and in your Studies section even if you haven’t registered to these courses. This is a useful function especially when the registration to the course isn’t yet available.


In your Schedule you can view all of your ongoing studies, studies you follow as well as your own entries which you can add easily by tapping on the icons in the right uppercorner. You can also set these personal entries to be repeated in the schedule at certain times and days. The schedule consists of courses to which you have either registered or you are following. You can also hide entries or stop following courses. If a red exclamation point appears next to a course entry, it means the course is either only being followed or your registration to it hasn’t been confirmed. Always make certain that your course-registrations are officially valid.


From the Map you can view the map of your institution at either at a campus or office-level. It is marked with the locations to set teaching spaces and for example restaurants. From the Map you can also look for individual locations by tapping on the magnifying glass -icon.


For the Restaurant view you can view the daily lunch menus and opening hours of each campus restaurant.

Career paths

Tuudo’s Career Paths is aimed to reduce the gap between studying and working life. From this view you can find open listings all over Finland for work and traineeship, as well as listings for different operators for which to conduct one’s final thesis.


Your future employer may be closer than you think! You can familiarise yourself with different company profiles and find out what type of employers Finland has to offer on the same page.

Open positions

New job announcements suitable for students are added to Tuudo each day. You can find them all from a list which you can filter by location and/or industry.


For most job listings in Tuudo, one isn’t required to have top competence or experience. Instead your motivation is key! Don’t be afraid to get in touch with employers regarding different opportunities.

Course feedback

You may give feedback on your courses in Tuudo. If you have enabled the app’s notifications, Tuudo will tell you when the new feedback form open for submissions. The feedback is used in the planning, implementation and development of teaching and education. Giving feedback is also an opportunity for you to influence the teaching and education! In the course feedback, you also evaluate your own activities and learning.