Theatre Academy’s student exchange guidelines

This is how to apply for an international student exchange and internship as a student at the Theatre Academy.

The application period for student exchange and internship for the academic year 2023–2024 begins in December 2023, and you must fill in the application form by Monday 5 February 2024.

Can I apply for an exchange or traineeship?

All degree students at TeaK can apply for an exchange or international internship grant. You can start your exchange in your second year of studies at the earliest.

The prerequisite for an exchange is that your studies are progressing according to the planned timetable. You may be prevented from taking part in an exchange if, for example, you have been studying for a long time or you have not completed the compulsory 1st and 2nd year of studies. 

Exchange studies or international internships are part of the degree at TeaK. Exchange studies or internship periods should be included in the personal study plan (HOPS). 

The student should discuss with the head of the programme or with responsible teacher about the timing of the mobility and the content of the studies to be undertaken during the exchange.

The application for an exchange cannot be sent to the host school without the approval of the home programme.

When to apply for an exchange

The application period for student exchange and internship for the academic year 2024-2025 starts in December 2023 and the application form must be filled in by 5.2.2024.

How to apply

1. Explore the various exchange and internship opportunities. Ask your teachers for suggestions of good exchange destinations, and talk to students who have been on an exchange in the past.

2. Fill in the application form

The application deadline is Monday 5.2.2024. In your application you must indicate whether you are applying for an study exchange or an international internship. When applying for an exchange, you can name three universities or organisations (internships) to which you would like to apply.

It is important to check the schools’ websites in advance to find out what courses are available for exchange students, when the school’s application deadline is and what attachments are required.

4. If an exchange or internship is in your personal study plan and the home programme supports your exchange, the international affairs planner will advise you on how to proceed.

After the TeaK’s application deadline, the international affairs planner will review the applications, check the programme’s approval and contact the applicants.

5. Apply according to the instructions of the exchange school / institution.

Application deadlines vary widely depending on the country and the university. The first application deadlines are at the end of February and the last in the summer.

Exchange grants


Every student accepted for an Erasmus+ student exchange from the University of the Arts receives a grant paid by the University of the Arts. However, the Erasmus+ grant does not cover all expenses, so you will need to set aside some of your own money for living costs.  The amount of the grant is fixed annually and is calculated according to the duration of the exchange and the host country. 

Norteas network

Norteas, a network of dance and theatre universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries, supports short exchanges and work placements for students with scholarships. The network’s scholarships are well suited to, for example, a single intensive course. Norteas scholarships are available twice a year, in May and November.

Other grants

If you are going on an international internship, course abroad or exchange studies outside Europe, you can apply for a grant from the University of the Arts Foundation.

Further information