Sibelius Academy’s grants

The Sibelius Academy Foundation awards grants that contribute towards the completion of studies and to students that have graduated in the target schedule

For Sibelius Academy students, the awarding body is usually the Sibelius Academy Foundation. There are two application periods per year: a general grant application and a graduation scholarship application. 

You can ask for further information on the Sibelius Academy Foundation’s grants from 

General grant

Every year, the Sibelius Academy Foundation awards grants to Sibelius Academy students to help them progress in their studies. The aim of the grants is to support students in graduating on schedule. 

The general grant application period is open from approximately the end of October to the end of January, and they will be awarded in the spring. Only attending degree students may receive a grant. You can apply for a grant for master courses and summer courses, travelling to competitions, seminar expenses and the maintenance of your instruments, among other things. 

Graduation scholarship

Sibelius Academy students that have graduated in the target schedule may apply for the Sibelius Academy Foundation’s graduation scholarship. 

The target schedules laid down in the Universities Act are 

  • Long education (bachelor’s 3 years + master’s 2.5 years): 5.5 years  
  • The target schedule for short education (master’s): Master of Music 2.5 years and Master of Visual Art 2 years  

The application period starts in November and ends in mid-January. The graduation scholarship will be paid in the spring. 

The Dean of Sibelius Academy has decided that this scholarship promoting graduation will be available from 2022 to 2024. The student will be eligible for the scholarship if they graduate in the target schedule by December of each year. The amount of the scholarship may vary each year since it is connected to the market value development of the Foundation’s investments. We aim to keep the amount of the scholarship at a similar level each year.